Modern UI Start Screen Background Changer For Windows 8

Start screen is one of the hundreds of new features introduced in Windows 8. We have already written tens of guides on personalizing and tweaking the default look of the Start screen with and without the help of third-party tools.

A lot of Windows users wants change the Start screen background. While it’s possible to choose a different background under PC settings, it’s not possible set a custom image as Start screen background by default. Windows enthusiasts have been working hard to overcome this limitation by editing original system files.

The default Start screen backgrounds are located in imageres.dll located in System32 folder. One needs to manually edit this file to replace one or more default pictures.

Not too long ago, we reviewed a small tool named ModernBack Changer that helps you set a custom picture as Start screen background. This time around, we have a similar tool to share with you.

ModernUI Start Screen Changer

Windows 8 Modern UI Start Screen Changer enables you set your own picture as Start screen background. The tool is still in beta stage and the current version doesn’t automatically replace the imageres.dll file. It will save the edited file in %Windir%\SysWOW64 folder. You need to manually copy the file to System32 folder and replace the old one with this.

Windows 8 Modern UI Start Screen Changer lets you create a backup of imageres.dll file before editing and also lets you restore the original file with a click.

We suggest you wait for the final version of tool or create a system restore point or create custom Refresh PC image before trying this beta version on your machine. We will update this article once the tool comes out of beta stage.

Download Modern UI Start Screen Changer



  1. Greg says

    After upgrading to 8.1 I too got ModernUIStartScreen ERROR: Resource 10000 not found.

    The solution I have used is go to task manager, startup tab, right click modernuistartscreen and disable. You can also right click and open in folder to see where it is.

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