Android & iOS Style Swype Keyboard For Windows 8 Tablets

Owners of phones/tablets running the Android or iOS would know about the popular Swype keyboard app. Swype is basically a QWERY keyboard where words are entered by swiping them on the touch-screen. Rather than tapping on virtual keys, you need to drag your finger from letter to letter to form words.

Now that many of you have installed Windows 8 on a tablet, it’s time to get the Swype style virtual keyboard for Windows 8 as well. Even though Windows 8 ships with a good on-screen keyboard, the virtual keyboard doesn’t have swype functionality.

InScribe is a free application for touch-screen devices and enables you enter text by sliding your finger between virtual letters.

Swype Keyboard For Windows 8 Picture1

Other than the swype functionality, it also offers a number of handy features to improve the overall typing experience. You can adjust the keyboard size, choose your own layouts, adjust the keyboard transparency level, change the virtual key font, font color, style, and more. The current version (2.0) of the InScribe comes with a total of five layouts: QWERTY Full, Email, Number Pad, QWERTY Lite, and Special Characters.

An option is available to automatically enter a space after each word.

Swype Keyboard For Windows 8 Picture2

As you can see in the above picture, the default QWERTY layout contains some special keys to perform various actions quickly and easily. Tiny, ghost, layout, lock, options, repeat, delwd (delete word) are the special keys on the keyboard. Pressing the ghost key will turn the keyboard into semi transparent mode so you see the window beneath it. While the delwd key allows delete a word, pressing the repeat key repeats enters the previous letter again. As the name implies, the lock key will help you lock the on-screen keyboard.

Options to set maximum corner angle, pause ratio, box border, pen resolution can be found under advanced options.

Swype Keyboard For Windows 8 Picture

Other than the core feature, the best thing about this virtual keyboard is that you can design your own keyboard layout. Right-click on InScribe icon in system tray area and then select Layout Designer to begin creating your own custom layouts.

Of course, this keyboard is not perfect. It doesn’t show suggestions, doesn’t auto-correct misspelled words and lacks a good user interface. But it’s the best swype style keyboard available for Windows right now.

It’s a free for personal use application and compatible with both x86 and x64 versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. Please don’t try InScribe on a non-touch device as it may not work at all. We tested it on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 OSs, and can confirm that it works on touch-screen devices without any issues.

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  1. Kyrl says

    If it could be used wuth a mouse I could really use it. I use windows 7 on screen keyboard and its so slow.
    Or if it could be used to let an android phone be used as an input device for windows. Cannot afford touch screen monitor plus hard to reech the screen.
    It is a good project, good luck. Also it is good it is free:)

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