How To Sync Internet Explorer Tabs Across Windows 8.1 PCs

Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers have been offering tab syncing for a couple of years now. While tab syncing might not be a deciding factor for many, users who constantly switch between multiple computers always prefer to use a browser that supports tab syncing.

Sync Internet Explorer Tabs In Windows 81 Step

Although it’s possible to get tab syncing in Internet Explorer browser by installing a third-party extension called Xmarks, not all users like to sign-up for a third-party service and install extensions. Moreover, users who are using Microsoft Surface, Surface Pro, or any other Windows 8.1 powered tablets have no option but to use the Modern UI version of Internet Explorer browser, as Modern UI version of Firefox and Chrome are not quite ready yet and the desktop versions aren’t optimized for touch (see how to optimize Firefox for touch).

It may have taken a long time for Microsoft to introduce tab syncing feature in the world’s most used web browser, but the feature has finally come to Internet Explorer 11 browser in Windows 8.1. Yes, for those who prefer Internet Explorer to other web browsers, tab synching feature will definitely help enhancing the overall browsing experience.

The feature lets you sync Internet Explorer 11 browser tabs across multiple Windows 8.1 PCs using same Microsoft account. That is, if you have two or more Windows 8.1 powered PCs or tablets, you can now use the sync tab feature to quickly access tabs open in one PC on another one provided that you’re using the same Microsoft account on all your Windows 8.1 machines.

If you have two or more Windows 8.1 tablets, desktops and laptops, simply follow the given below instructions to enable and use tab syncing feature:

Step 1: Open PC settings. To do this, move the mouse cursor to the upper or lower-right corner of the screen to see Charms bar, click Settings, and then click Change PC settings. Touch screen users need to swipe-in from the right-edge of the screen to reveal the Charms bar, tap Settings, and then tap Change PC settings to open the same.

Sync Internet Explorer Tabs In Windows 81 Step1

Sync Internet Explorer Tabs In Windows 81 Step2

Step 2: On the left-pane of PC settings, click or tap SkyDrive, and then click or tap Sync settings to see all sync options present in Windows 8.1.

Sync Internet Explorer Tabs In Windows 81 Step7

Step 3: On the right-side, under Sync, make sure that the option titled Sync settings on this PC is enabled.

Sync Internet Explorer Tabs In Windows 81 Step3

Step 4: Scroll down, under Other settings, enable the option titled Web browser: My favorites, open tabs, home pages, history, and settings to start synching tabs, home pages, and other settings.

Sync Internet Explorer Tabs In Windows 81 Step4

Step 5: Once done, repeat the Step 1, 2, 3, and 4 on all other Windows 8.1 machines that use the same Microsoft account to enable and use the feature.

To use tab syncing:

Step 1: When you’re in Modern UI version of Internet Explorer, right-click anywhere on the page to see all open tabs and option to open new tabs.

Sync Internet Explorer Tabs In Windows 81 Step5

Step 2: Click or tap Tabs button (see picture) view open tabs in other synced PCs. Click on a PC’s name to view all open tabs.

Sync Internet Explorer Tabs In Windows 81 Step6

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    ok, thanks for this – any idea how I REMOVE the machine that is listed? I seem to have a machine in my list that I will never use again and want to remove / get rid of from my MS account…

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