Transform Windows 7 Into Windows 8 With 8 Skin Pack

If you are a regular reader of IntoWindows, you probably already know how to get some of the best visual features of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 OS in Windows 7 as well. Windows 8 Start screen in Windows 7, Windows 8 boot screen for Windows 7, Windows 8 logon UI for Windows 7 are some guides that we have posted in the days gone by.

Transform Windows 7 into Windows 8

As most of the novice Windows users find it difficult to install new visual styles and boot skins manually, here is a perfect skin pack that aims to transform your Windows 7 into Windows 8.

Windows 8 Skin Pack automatically installs new eye candy Windows 8 features in Windows 7. You get the new “betta” fish boot screen, logon screen, start screen, Metro visual style, desktop backgrounds, taskbar user picture tile, Metro caption buttons (minimize, maximize and close buttons), new window borders, new About Windows box, Metro navigation buttons and more.

Windows 8 Start screen for Windows 7

Installing the transformation pack is pretty simple. We recommend creating either a system restore point or system image backup before installing a transformation pack. Windows 8 Skin Pack is available for both x86 and x64 versions of Windows 7.

Download, install the skin pack and then reboot your machine to apply the changes.

Windows 8 boot screen for Windows 7

Download Windows 8 Skin Pack for Windows 7 (x86)

Download Windows 8 Skin Pack for Windows 7 (x64)



  1. Peter says


    everything works fine, however the navigation buttons are not changed. i downloaded ResourceHacker to check the ExplorerFrame.dll and i can see the files are changed into the correct images but my windows still have the old win7 nav. buttons.
    howcome? thanks in advance

    NOTE: when i run the transformationpack i left the pc and went to the kitchen to make coffee, when i came back my pc was saying something similiar to YOUR COMPUTER COULDNT START and an system repair was in action. could that cause the navigation buttons to revert back to the old ones? i dont get it coz the ExplorerFrame.dll is correct

  2. Grumps says

    I installed the transform pack, Win7x64 desktop. When attempting to change the weather to my location the program stops running.

  3. Nikhil says

    I had install transform pack of windows 8 on my netbook but when i restart my netbook the machine was did not restart. Eror is “BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot” please help me earliest please.

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