UndoClose: Reopen Recently Closed Folders And Apps With Hotkeys

Computer users who have been using modern web browsers probably know about the Ctrl + Shift + T hotkey. That is, in web browsers, one can easily re-open previously closed tabs by simultaneously pressing Ctrl + Shift + T. For some reason, this kind of feature is not available in Windows Explorer to open recently closed folders.

Users who are looking for a way to get the same feature in Windows 7 should download UndoClose. It’s a free tool from the makers of Smart Folders and lets you easily re-open previously closed folders and applications with hotkeys.

UndoClose for Windows

UndoClose is a portable utility. Just download and run the utility to start using this brilliant tool. When running, a small icon sites in the system tray (notification area) and lets you easily access UndoClose settings.

With default settings, pressing Ctrl + Shift + F opens last closed folder and pressing Ctrl + Shift + A hotkey launches most recently closed application. Just like Ctrl + Shift + T hotkey in web browsers, you can use both Ctrl + Shift + A and Ctrl + Shift + F hotkeys multiple times. UndoClose supports both x86 and x64 versions of Windows 7 operating system.

Download UndoClose


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