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VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, recently released its VMware Workstation v9.0, VMware Fusion v5.0 (for Mac), and VMware Player v5.0 (for Windows). All these software boast Windows 8 compatibility and include new features and enhancements.

VMware Workstation 9, the world-class virtualization software, has been designed to run on newest version of Windows and also run Windows 8 virtual machines. It now includes support for multi-touch for Windows 8 on a tablet or touch device, USB 3 devices such as portable storage devices and video equipment. Besides, Hyper-V has been added to the guest operating system list and also disk space management to easily  recover disk  space.

VMware Player 5 Download

The free virtualization software for Windows, VMware Player, has also been updated with new user interface. The user interface of VMware player 5 has been refined and it now conforms with Windows standards. Updated menus, new logo, toolbars, and new device icons are the highlights of new interface.

VMware Player 5 also comes with virtual hardware improvements  included in Workstation 9. Another important change is that VMware Player is now available for commercial use as well. The Player now includes license for commercial use. As you know, VMware Player lacks many powerful features present in Workstation software and provides only basic virtualization features.

Please note that you can’t upgrade from VMware Player 4 to the v5.0. You need to uninstall the previous version before installing the VMware Player 5. Installing Windows 8 on VMware Player is super easy and fast.

Create a new virtual machine, select your Windows 8 ISO, enter a name for the virtual machine, select a location to save the virtual machine, and finally enter the disk space you would like to allocate to start installing Windows 8 on VMware Player.  And the best thing is that VMware Player installs Windows 8 without entering the product key during installation.

Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 users who want to test drive before purchasing Windows 8 may install Windows 8 in VMware virtual machine. You can follow our how to install Windows 8 on VMware virtual machine guide to effortlessly install and test drive Windows 8. Interested users can visit this page to read the release notes.

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