Download Windows 10 Build 10041 ESD Files

Earlier this week, close to two months after the release of Windows 10 build 9926, Microsoft released Windows 10 build 10041 to all fast ring users who have been testing Windows 10. Although the Windows 10 build 10041 doesn’t include any radical changes, the build is almost stable and works smoothly.

The newest build has transparent Start, which is one of the much requested features according to Microsoft. In addition to that, Windows 10 now offers a new installation experience. The new installation screen is very attractive and completely different from the previous builds as well as previous versions of Windows.

Besides, the new build includes tens of new icons, new network flyout, new login screen, improved quick view, and many other small changes to Settings.

Windows 10 latest build

As you probably know by now, although Microsoft has made available the build 10041, it’s only for Windows Insider program users who are in the Fast ring. Since 10041 build is not yet available to everyone, Microsoft hasn’t released the ISO of the same build and might make it available when it decides to the release the build to slow ring users.

Windows 10 build 10041 ESD files

As the ISO image of build 10041 is not available, users can’t perform a clean install of the operating system. Besides, one needs to install the previously released 9926 or the leaked 10036 build in order to get Windows 10 build 10041 via Windows Update service.

Download Windows 10 ESD

The good news is that users who want to perform clean install of Windows 10 build 10041 can now install the official ESD files of Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise editions right from Microsoft servers. The downloaded ESD file can then be converted to ISO using third-party tools such as the popular NTLite software.

Visit the below mentioned official Microsoft community page to download the ESD file of Windows 10 build 10041. After downloading the ESD file, you need to follow the easy steps in our how to convert ESD file to ISO guide to get the ISO image file. Finally, follow the steps in how to install Windows 10 from USB guide to create the bootable USB of Windows 10.

Since this is a preview build, you might not be prompted to enter the product key. If you’re asked, please visit our Windows 10 product key page to get the product license key to activate your Windows 10 preview build.

Hope this helps!

Download Windows 10 build 10041 ESD

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  1. Daniel.911 says

    If Win8 was despicable, 10 should be unbearable. Moving back to good old XP, really.

    Win7 was passable, besides the huge install and crazy SxS thing, but Win8? Hated it and my PC too!

    My 3 years-old i5 with 8GB RAM it never uses and a SSD wasting 14GB just for the “bare” OS, runs like an “escargot”. Been there and found no advantage on Win7, but a lot of trouble with Win8. And the new Metro UI, well…

    My solution is go downgrade. Roll back to an older version. If MS want me to try a new system, they should seek inspiration on Android, for my mobile phone makes me much happier for much less!

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