Windows 7 Icon Pack For Vista & XP

So, Microsoft has unleashed the much awaited Windows 7 operating system at PDC recently. All are amazed with its performance,features and looks.Of course, we are not here to discuss about Windows 7.

With this Microsoft has also introduced few new great looking icons in Windows 7.If you are planning to revamp your XP or Vista into Windows 7, you really need these icons in order to give a professional touch.


Although, there are many icon packs available, we need an icon pack which gives the exact look of Windows 7. NhatPG from deviantart has come up with a icon pack which resembles Windows 7. In fact, these are the extracted icons from Windows 7 resources. 20.5 MB icon pack includes 535 PNG icons.

Download and enjoy!!

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  1. vamsi says

    these icons are supercool by the way john after extraction
    select the folder whose icon you want to change rightclick it and then properties customize then change icon then select browze and go to the place where you have extracted the icon pack select the icon and click on apply

  2. Lordy says

    PNGs? Useless.
    If you’re gonna dump icons and make them usable they need to be direct .ico rips. PNG just saves the 256px image and ignores the fact that there are size-specific icons for 128px, 96px, 48px, 32px, 24px, and 16px.

    Sure you can convert the 256px png to an ico. But you lose 80% of the icon when you don’t rip the ico.

  3. Janos says

    Likewise, I did a right click, properties, and when I try to change the icon, I get an error message, saying that these are NOT .ico files when I know that they are. I cannot apply them manually. Now what do I do? They are useless if I cannot apply them. Help, and thanks!

  4. says

    Extract it to Desktop or any convenient drive on your system.To change any folder
    icon just right click> Properties>Customize and then,browse for the extracted icons.

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