Windows 7 OEM Info Editor: Personalize Windows 7 System Properties

Computer users who have used Windows XP for any significant amount of time or users who are still using the good old Windows XP operating system would know that how difficult it is customizing Windows XP. There are very few tools out there to customize this version of Windows.

Post the release of Windows 7, software developers have released a number of excellent tools to enhance, tweak, and customize Windows 7. There are tools to change the boot screen, customize logon screen, desktop, Control Panel, and Explorer and almost every area of the operating system.

System Properties window (the window that appears when you right-click on Computer icon and click Properties) is one of the areas of Windows operating system that many users like to customize by changing default OEM information and pictures.

While most of the tweaking tools available for Windows 7 lets you personalize the default system properties (use Windows + Pause/Break to quickly launch properties), some of them allow you customize system manufacturer and OEM logo only.

Windows 7 OEM Info Editor

Windows 7 OEM Info Editor is a nice tool to customize the system properties window. This tool lets you personalize many entries such as system manufacturer, OEM logo, support URL, and manufacturer support number with a click.

Windows 7 System Properties

This is a standalone tool and doesn’t require installation. Download, run the utility, and enter particulars to create your personalized system properties. Since this version of Windows 7 OEM Info Editor doesn’t come with an option to restore the original OEM logo and information, we recommend you create a manual system restore point so that you can easily restore the original system and OEM information in a few mouse clicks.

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Download Windows 7 OEM Info Editor


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