Windows 7 Transformation Pack For XP

We had been waiting for a good Windows 7 transformation pack for XP. The wait is finally over with the release of Windows 7 transformation pack for XP. If you are using Vista have a look at our “Transform Vista into Windows 7” guide.

Windows 7 transformation pack for XP is a collection of utilities and themes that help you customize your old Windows XP into Windows 7, the successor of Windows Vista. Transformation pack includes Wallpapers, themes, toolbar and few other essential tools that help you transform XP into 7.

According to the Hamed, the man behind this collection pack, this pack supports Windows XP, 2003 and Media Center editions. Unfortunately, this pack doesn’t work with 64-bit Windows. The author has also included some important tools to modify and replace Windows system files, making you need not to look out for software.

However, note that this is not a transformation packs that converts all Windows files and icons in few clicks like Vista transformation pack. You need to change all the files manually. I also recommend Windows backup before playing with Windows system files as one corrupt file may leave you in the middle of troubling Windows.

|Download Windows 7 Transformation Pack For XP|



  1. bassivity says

    you should create a restore point before installed this …then you can restore your pc …but now …shit


    i am realy appricated with the windows 7 pack. WINDOWS 7 PACK IS ONE OF THE BEST SOFT INT THE WORLD. IT IS WONDERFUL.

  3. SyntheticSource says

    What the hell? It killed me computer. Completely killed the OS. Does anyone have a clue to why that might be? Luckily it was new so there wasn’t much on it. But it’s still annoying as hell. =/

  4. Roy says

    Downloaded this as a zip/rar file. Unzipped and Symantec found viruses in it and deleted it! Has anyone else been able to get this to work?

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