Windows 8 Theme (Visual Style) For Windows XP

Each version of Windows operating system comes with new features, new boot screen, logon screen and also a new visual style (theme). With Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced eye candy Aero glass visual style, included polished Aero glass visual style in Windows 7 and dropped the Aero glass visual style from Windows 8.

Windows XP Logo

Users who ever worked on a Windows 8 PC or who have at least seen screenshots of Windows 8 must be aware of the new non-Aero visual styles in Windows 8, though it’s possible to enable Aero glass transparency with the help of third-party tools such as the WinAero Glass. If you’re a Windows XP user and love the new visual style introduced with Windows 8, you can get it in Windows XP as well.

For all those users looking for Windows 8 theme (visual style) for the good old XP, here is the first Windows 8 visual style for XP. A deviantart member has created the first Windows 8 visual style for XP with user tile in the taskbar.

 Windows 8 style visual style (theme) for Windows XP

Squared window edges and Windows 8 wallpaper are the highlights of this theme. If you’re wondering about the language in the above picture, it’s because the developer of the theme has installed and using a language other than English. When you install the theme on your PC, you will see the theme (visual style) in English or the language that you’re have set on your PC.

Users who have previously installed third-party themes on Windows XP would know that Windows doesn’t allow you install third-party themes in by default. One needs to edit original system file in order to install themes in Windows XP. In order to automatically edit original system files, you need to download and install third-party a third-party tool named Uxtheme Patch. Go through our how to install third-party themes in Windows guide for detailed information.

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Download Windows 8 Theme for XP



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    I cannot see the Start button …. It’s just like Windows 8 …. but i want the start button!!!!!!!!!…….. please help
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