Win+X Menu Editor For Windows 8

By now, most of you should know what Win+X menu is. If you are new to Windows 8 and have no clue about Win+X menu, it’s a menu with administrative tools that appears when you press Windows+X keys or when you move the mouse cursor the lower left corner and do a right-click.

Win X Menu Editor for Windows 8

This menu is very useful to access various administrative tools. By default, Win+X menu lets you quickly access Programs and Features, Windows Explorer, Command Prompt, Command Prompt with admin rights, Disk Management, Device Manager, Run, Search, Control Panel, Power Options, Network Connections, Task Manager, System, Device Manager and Event Viewer.

Win X Menu Editor

If you find this menu very handy and want to make it more useful by adding or removing one or more items, you can use Win+X Menu Editor tool. Win+X Menu Editor is a tiny tool from the maker of Personalization Panel and enables you edit the menu. The tool lets you add new items to the menu, remove items from the menu, edit an existing item and reorder Win+X menu items.

Using this free software is also fairly simple. Just download and run the right version of the tool, click Add Shortcut, browse to the application shortcut you wish to add and click Apply. To remove an existing item, select the item and click Remove Shortcut button. You can also add or remove a group using this software.

You can either directly add the executable or the app shortcut. Use the Restore Defaults button to revert to the original menu.

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Download Win+X Menu Editor



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    Note you can also add any file, not only *.lnk
    Win+X Menu Editor will create shortcut automatically.
    Sorry, thats was not clean from my announce and video.

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