How To Search Windows 8 App Store

In one of our earlier posts titled how to install apps from Windows Store we discussed how-to install apps from the Store. As Windows Store is receiving new apps regularly, this is the right time to learn how to quickly search and navigate the Store.

If you have recently installed Windows 8 and haven’t visited the Store yet, we advise you follow our how to install apps guide. And if you have already installed some apps from the Store and know the basic, we have some tips to easily search and install your favourite apps.

To quickly search the Store without even launching the Store app, simply press Windows + Q keys to see the search pane, click on Store filter, and then type the app name to see the search result. If the search keyword matches with any of the apps in the Store, you will see the app in the search result.

Search Windows 8 Store

If you have already launched the Store app and want to search the Store, press Windows + Q hotkey to launch the search pane, where you can enter the app name to see the result. To see all available apps in the Store, simply type “.” in the search box and hit enter key.

You can also filter or sort the result by category (Games, Social, Entertainment, Photos, Music & videos, Sports, Books and reference, News & weather, Health and fitness, Food and dining, Lifestyle, Shopping, Travel, Finance, Productivity, Tools, Security, Business, Education and Government), price (Free , Free and Trail, or Paid) and relevance (sort by newest, sort by highest rating, sort by lowest price, sort by name).

Windows Store

And if you would like to completely disable the Store, follow instructions given in our how to disable or turn off Windows Store in Windows 8 guide.

Method 2:

Open Windows Store app, start typing the app name to see the app name.



  1. Barry says

    Suplly a permanent fix for the windows 8 app store!!! One that will really work for windows 8 users, Or supply a desk top incon so as to avoid having to use the live icon stamp in windows 8!! This muttle is a real headache!! Lets get the darn app fixed I want my apps!!!

  2. Susan says

    Windows + Q???? Are you kidding me? How utterly stupid. Incredibly non-intuitive. Ridiculous. Major fail. #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL

  3. anon says

    I agree with James, absolutely no intuition to any of there apps. I guess they looked at I-tunes and thought lets create every app like this unusable heap of junk.

  4. James Hersey says

    Microsoft has lost it. Having to search the Internet to learn how to search the store is ridiculous. They need to rewrite nearly every Windows 8 app

  5. Kade says

    Here’s an idea – how about those wanting to search the App store on their Windows 8 PCs just type.

    If you have the App store open, and start typing, it automatically opens the search pane with the text you’re entering. Way easier than keyboard shortcuts or charms menu. Just type, it’ll search.

    You’re welcome.

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