Logon WorkShop: Advanced Logon Screen Tweaker For Windows 7

We have reviewed almost every logon screen customization tool out there for Windows 7. While most of the tools let you change Windows 7 logon screen background with a click or from context menu, these tools are designed to help you set a custom picture as logon screen background and majority of the tools don’t offer options to customize other areas of the logon screen.

Windows 7 who’re looking for tool that isn’t just another logon screen changer and lets power users tweak almost everything that  appears on the logon screen should check out Logon Workshop.

Logon Workshop

Logon Workshop

Logon WorkShop is a powerful logon screen customizable tool for Windows 7 to customize every part of logon screen. That is, as we mentioned earlier, this tool not only lets you change logon background picture but also enables you change the button size, accessibility button location, other button placement, margins, user tile width & height, background overlay, text color, shadow and more.

Logon WorkShop for Windows 7

Key features:

    # Change logon background photo
# Change user tile height, width and margins
# Changer user tile picture size and padding
# Customize password edit box width, height, margins and padding
# Move Accessibility button to the right or top
# Personalize font, font size and color
# Customize user list (when you have two or more users) height and width

Windows 7 Logon Workshop

Windows 7 Logon Workshop

This is a perfect logon customization tool for advanced Windows 7 users as one can personalize almost everything on the Windows 7 logon. Please run this tool as administrator. Thanks to Dejco for creating this wonderful tool for Windows 7.

Please read the detailed guide provided in the zip file and create a system restore point before using this tool.

Download Logon WorkShop



  1. admin says

    @ Riyaaz
    I just downloaded and tried it.The developer of Logon Workshop has updated and it now sports a new interface. That’s it!

  2. Riyaaz says

    the link to download does not download the same version as the screenshots.
    Whats up?

  3. admin says

    @ Salepetrovic
    Thanks for the working download link. I have updated the article with the new link.

  4. salepetrovic says

    you can download here this program in rar file and you don’t need any password for it…

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