How To Switch Back From Account (Email Address) To Hotmail or Live

Recently, we talked about the launch of email service and also how to rename your existing Hotmail, Live, or MSN address to While majority of users who have moved from Hotmail and Live to are enjoying the new user interface and features, a small percentage of users want to switch back to their previous accounts.


Many users who have renamed their Hotmail and Live email address to want to switch back to their previous email addresses. Users can revert to their previous email addresses by following the given below instructions.


Please note that this method works only if your previous Microsoft account was Hotmail or Live ending .com, .jp, .es, .ca, and .au. Also note that this method doesn’t work if your previous account was


Step 1: Visit this page from your Internet Explorer or any other web browser.


Step 2: Sign in with your new email address.

Switch Back From To Hotmail or Live

Step 3: Under Other email addresses, click the Remove link (that appears below your current email address) and then click Remove button to confirm.

Switch Back From To Hotmail or Live Step2

Switch Back From To Hotmail or Live Step3

You will see “You’ve removed an email address from your Microsoft account” message.

Switch Back From To Hotmail or Live Step4

Step 4: Head over to this page in your web browser and make sure that Create a new email address is selected.

Switch Back From To Hotmail or Live Step5

Step 5: In the New Microsoft account box, type in your previous email address and also select your previous domain (Hotmail or Live) and finally click Save button. You will see “You’ve changed your Microsoft account and your new Microsoft account is”. You are done!

Switch Back From To Hotmail or Live Step6

Please note that it might take an hour or more for your new address to appear in the Microsoft products and services you use.


From now onwards, you can use the previous email address to sign in to all Microsoft services just like you used it before.


Switch back to Hotmail user interface:

Hotmail, Live, and MSN account users who aren’t enjoying the new and want to switch back to the old Hotmail user interface (layout) can simply click on the Settings “cog” icon present in upper right of page and then click Switch back to Hotmail user interface.



  1. Patrick O'Donohue says

    All the advice about switching back to Hotmail says; click on cog icon and click on switch back to Hotmail. My menu hasn’t got that option, what should I do? I hate this new ‘thing’ with a deep hate. Haven’t the designers ever heard of ‘function before form’?

  2. camperfield says

    Absolutely hate the new version of outlook. Contacts are screwed up, downloading attachments takes 3 more steps than before. Not to mention the layout. I use this email account for business and it sucks, thanks for making my job 10 times harder than it has to be Microsoft! I will be getting rid of this email account asap!

  3. David says

    This stupid incoherent format has just screwed up a lot of business people who rely on hotmail. Horrible that you would do this. The format is ridiculously pitiful and confusing

  4. Tom Hanks says

    I HATE HATE HATE this new look. I did not ask for it. I want my old Hotmail look back. Did I say I hate it!

    Microsoft arrogance again.

  5. Crashley says

    What arrogance.
    Again, a change is forced upon the user without their instigation.
    If I wanted to use ‘Outlook’, I would have installed it. I didn’t.!!!
    We, the customer, the end user, must step-up and complain.
    The other option is to ‘vote with your feet’ and select an alternative electronic-mail host.
    Microsoft, you have done it again.

  6. Gregory says

    They have yanked this option. Hotmail now uses the Outlook format, and it is no longer possible to switch back.

  7. Ben says

    I’ve been with Hotmail since 1997, but the new god-awful layout is so inefficient. I want the sender in column 1, and the subject in column 2, not all blurred together!

    I’m just going to create a Gmail account and forward my Hotmail to it. Quite a sad day.

  8. Keith says

    I had this stupid outlook for 3 years and I still don’t like it and if it doesn’t get switch back…. I am dropping my email address and not use this stupid microsoft anymore. My rating for outlook is a big fat Zero…. I want it changed immediately

  9. Franko99 says

    Do Microsoft ever LISTEN to what people (i.e. CUSTOMERS) say ???
    MSN is a waste of space…..slow, ad overloaded, and irrelevant to most email customers.
    I started with Hotmail virtually from day one when it was fast and just did emails.
    It didn’t change for change sake. We got used to it and loved it. It was just hot mail and did what it said on the tin!!
    PLEASE: Just give us a simple email service. We don’t need the other bolt on crap.
    My previous company, a large auto maker, switched from Microsoft to another provider as it became too cumbersome, slow and costly.
    Do us a favour, and yourselves; Give us a good, old fashioned, stand alone email service.
    OK, stick with Outlook if you like, but give us an option of Hotmail only without the bolt-ons.
    When we’re dealing with loads of emails every day we don’t need the excess baggage.
    We don’t need change either. We get familiar with it. We use it as a work tool. Purely and simply.
    PLEASE: Commit yourselves to a non-changing, stand alone, simple email service.
    I’d pay a sign on fee to save me the pain of switching providers and email addresses. might be a good model to base it on.

  10. R.K. GUPTA says

    My account, **** has been automatically switched over to Outlook format. I am not comfortable with OUTLOOK format, also I am not able to download attachments with my E-mails. Please restore / return it to my earlier account format without loosing any data and attachments. Kindly restore / correct it.

  11. cleo says

    This new look sucks. Not able to change it back either did all the steps now I get nothing this fucking sucks need to change it back this is stupid. I use email for work & Shit this fucking sucks change it now !!!

    Yesterday NOW!!!!!!

  12. Joyce says

    the new MSN OUTLOOK appearance is DISGUSTING! Can I please have the old live, hotmail appearance back ASAP. This is why MSN is going downhill. . . why are you changing without people’s authorization! ? ! ? ! ?

    please change it back ASAP.

  13. Ava says

    MSN is disgusting for this nonsense. Many of us dislike outlook. Which was forced onto us. It was created sloppily & usually is a pain in the rear to use. Good jobs guys. HATE HATE HATE …expected more from MSN maybe gave you guys too much credit

  14. Donna says

    I hate outlook so I called the microsoft number. A foreign man told me that outlook was tracking my emails and that the only way to switch back was to pay him $99. He then switched it back for me. Sounds like microsoft has quite the scam going. Now they have done it to my dad and my business account too. This is disgusting.

  15. Nino says

    I thought I was the only one who was SOOOOO MAD!!!

    I HATE OUTLOOK AS WELL !!! It used to have option to switch back to hotmail and not anymore.


  16. Darlene says

    I want to change back also — the option is not under my “cog” to switch back. And the email option in the first instruction is not there either.

    Please help me this is a law office email and it is so slow and irritating.

  17. Peter says

    I hate it and they switched it on me. Call it friendly hijacking! I want to change it back. How do I do so! I hate outlook!

  18. Ush says

    It really sucks, it’s ugly, not to manage, very very dull appearance, Borring look instead of outlook. Really HATE IT…

  19. Nour says

    I hate outlook!!!!!! my account has been switched to it without asking if i want to!!! i hate that! i want my hotmail account back =/

  20. Elli says

    I would also like to be able to go back to the Hotmail interface.

    This outlook interface looks shocking…

  21. Terrie says

    There is a cog but when I press it there is no option to switch back yo my original hotmail. I dont want outloook, I dont like it. I want back my HOTMAIL….. program. Thank You.

  22. Mike Prokopowicz says

    You people had no right switching me to is awful..this is an invasion of my privacy switch me back to hotmail now please and get off of my emails for good..delete all of your crap and do not ever do this again..sincerely Mike

  23. Danny says

    Never asked to change over but hotmail did it anyway, some cheek they have, if it cant be changed back over they can shove it where the sun dont shine, never seen such a load of crap, its pathetic,who ever thought of this is a retard and needs sacking, if hotmail works ok then dont fix it

  24. Yolanda says

    My hotmail was switched to outlook without my permission. Please switch back as soon as possible. I did not approve outlook. Please switch back to hotmail.

  25. claudette says

    It is a scam from hotmail and overlook who has for money to return your old hotmail. they are all scammer.

  26. Tina O. says

    I was never asked to switch to outlook mail, if i wanted that id use outlook express. I do not like the bs you pulled and want the hotmail interface back. This shit sucks. I do not have the switch back option under your cog/gear (whatever the hell you call it), so you need to find a way to force the switch back to the hotmail interface.

  27. Duane says

    Well this did NOT work and now I have lost any access to my previous account. I am not a happy camper.

  28. doris butler says

    i DO not like outlook. i did not change to this but it was done. i want to go back to clicked on the clog but it doesn’t show a …switch back to hotmail…option

  29. Nancy says

    The above email account has been automatically switched to Outlook. SWITCH IT BACK TO LIVE.COM.

  30. Nancy says

    The above account was switched automatically (not by me and was never asked if I wanted it switched….which I DO NOT). Please return it to my account. You changed it…you correct it.

  31. mona bahi says

    Actually i do have the same issue as Natalie, there is no cog what so ever !! … now what .. it’s driving me crazy

  32. Natalie says

    I was just reading information on outlook, but for some reason on its own,it decided to switch my hotmail account into that. I need to switch it back but there is no settings or “cog” icon for me to click on. In fact, there is no icon whatsoever. How do I proceed?

  33. Lima says

    The only thing that I’ve to do is follow what was written at “Switch back to Hotmail user interface:” paragraph and do it. It runs pretty well.

  34. Chris Loscombe says

    I have followed the instructions and although I previously had a address it is only allowing me to create a new

    So what happens to those who have my address now?

  35. ab says

    Will it preserve all emails from
    It clearly says you’ll lose all your emails at deletion stage.
    Please reply..

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