How To Remove Bing Search From New Tab Page In IE11


Microsoft recently rolled out an update to Internet Explorer 11 to add Bing search bar to the new tab page. If you have installed updates recently or have configured Windows to automatically install new updates, you likely now have the new Bing search bar in the new tab page of Internet Explorer 11. Although the […]

How To Show Hard Drive Partitions Under Home Folder In Windows 10


Unlike previous versions of Windows, the all new Windows 10 opens up the Home folder when you click on the File Explorer icon on the taskbar or when you simultaneously press Windows+E keys. With default settings, the Home folders shows favorites, recently accessed files and folders. It’s easily possible make Windows 10 open This PC […]

Make Windows+E Open This PC (Computer) In Windows 10


In Windows 10, when you click on the File Explorer icon on the taskbar or when you use Windows+E hotkey, Windows presents you the Home folder instead of This PC or Computer. The Home folder shows your favourite folders, frequently accessed folders and files. This new Home folder feature is definitely useful to quickly access […]

Download Windows 10 Theme for Windows 7


Earlier this month, Microsoft released the first preview build of its forthcoming Windows 10 operating system to developers, enthusiasts and everyone who would like to test the next major version of Windows. Windows 10, as expected and promised by Microsoft, ships with an improved Start menu. The desktop, taskbar, command prompt, explorer and many other […]

How To Access Sign Out And Lock Options In Windows 10


After negative feedback from large number of PC users for not providing shutdown or power button on the Start screen of Windows 8, Microsoft added a power or shutdown button to upper right-corner of the Start screen in Windows 8.1 Update. Now that the Start menu has re-introduced with Windows 10, accessing shutdown, restart, hibernate […]

How To Pin Hard Drive To Taskbar In Windows 10


The Start menu is definitely the star attraction of Windows 10 and is one of the core reasons why most Windows users like the newly released Windows 10. Even though the Start menu is highlight and is one of the most visible features of Windows 10, the other areas of the operating system have been […]

Access Charms Bar Using Mouse In Windows 10


Charms Bar feature was first introduced with Windows 8 operating system to access settings and options of modern apps or apps installed from the Store. The feature, which was considered one of the annoying features of Windows 8 on a desktop, has been almost dropped from the recently released Windows 10, the successor to Windows […]