Nero AirBurn: Free App For Android & iOS To Burn Files Over The Air


We rely on cloud services more and more these days. A large section of smartphone users prefer backing up files and photos on their phones to the cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and iCloud from Apple. Though most cloud services are reliable, some of you might want to backup your files, [...]

Download NTLite Free For Windows 7/8 Now


If you have been using Windows operating system since the days of Windows XP and love customizing Windows, chances are high that you have used nLite tool at some time to customize and tweak the setup of Windows XP by adding drivers and removing native programs. Subsequently, when Windows Vista was released, the developer released [...]

Make Gmail Look Like With This Theme


Gmail, the free webmail service from the internet giant Google, is the most powerful and preferred email service. The team behind Gmail at Google has been doing a fantastic job by regularly updating Gmail to add new features and improve the interface. Though many technology blogs are reporting that Gmail will soon switch a new [...]

How To Export iPhone Contacts As CSV (Excel) To PC


Somewhere in August, I sold off my one year old iPhone to one of my friend’s friend. Since I hadn’t used it to take any memorable photos, I just wanted to export all my contacts to my PC in CSV format so that I can open the file with Microsoft Excel and many other applications. [...]

How To Quickly Disable Tabs In Gmail


About a year ago, Google rolled out a new update to Gmail to automatically sort emails by tabs. The tabs feature in Gmail is helpful as it tries to keep your primary inbox from spams by automatically moving emails to appropriate categories. For instance, notification emails from Google Plus and other social networks now land [...]

Windows 9 Start Menu For Windows 8/7


Over the past week, a number of screenshots and videos of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 9 (internally codenamed Threshold) have been leaked to the web, revealing new features and improvements in the next major version of Windows operating system. As expected and shown previously by Microsoft, Windows 9 includes a Start menu but it’s not the [...]

4 Services To Convert RAR Files To Zip Online For Free


It seems like everything is moving to the cloud these days. Free services are out there to store the data in the cloud, create and edit documents, and then there are many services that let you perform various operations typically performed by installing applications. In one of our previous guides titled 3 ways to open [...]

How To Search A Single Website With Google


Typically Google search (or any other search engine for that matter) is used to search the entire world wide web for required information. However, at times, you might want to search a single website to get the required information. While a large percentage of websites include a dedicated Google search box to quickly search them, [...]

How To Show More Results Per Page In Google Search


Started in 1998, Google search is the most used web search engine in the world. While Google makes hundreds of changes to its search algorithm each year, it has not made any major overall to its simple yet functional user interface. With default settings, when you search for something using Google search, it shows a [...]

You Can Disable The Start Menu In Windows 9


About three years ago, that is on 13th September 2011, Microsoft first released the Developer Preview version of Windows 8 to the public, the first official preview version of Windows 8. Though it was possible to enable Start menu in the Developer Preview by editing the Registry, Microsoft fixed the workaround soon after that. While [...]