Anvi Folder Locker: Free Folder Lock Software For Windows


About a month ago, we talked about Secret Folder software to password protect sensitive folders for free. About two weeks ago, we covered the top four free software out there for Windows to protect folders with passwords. In addition to those four software, you can now try out a slightly better Anvi Folder Locker. Anvi […]

How To Recover Kaspersky Key


When it comes to my PC’s security, I blindly trust Kaspersky products not just because Kaspersky products have been performing really well in the test results but also because Kaspersky Internet Security or Antivirus has never let me down in the past 7 years. About a week ago, I reinstalled Windows operating system on my […]

Command Prompt As Administrator In Windows 10


Majority of Windows users will never need to open Command Prompt as administrator or elevated Command Prompt as many of the commands can be executed without the elevated Command Prompt. That said, there are some tasks that can only be performed from Command Prompt running with administrator rights, and you get “You may not have […]

Create Bootable USB of Windows 10 From ESD


The ESD file gets created when you upgrade from previous build of Windows 10 to the latest Windows 10 via Settings app. The ESD (ESD stands for Electronic Software Delivery) file contains all the files required to install Windows 10 operating system, and is usually smaller when compared to the ISO file of the same […]

Download Windows 10 Build 10041 ESD Files


Earlier this week, close to two months after the release of Windows 10 build 9926, Microsoft released Windows 10 build 10041 to all fast ring users who have been testing Windows 10. Although the Windows 10 build 10041 doesn’t include any radical changes, the build is almost stable and works smoothly. The newest build has […]

Windows XP Themes For Windows 10


Windows XP, once the darling of computer users, has not been receiving any updates from Microsoft since April, 2014. Although Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP, even today, there are more computers running Windows XP than Windows 8.1. Many computer users love Windows XP for its simple user interface. The decade old operating system doesn’t […]

How To Create VHD From Physical Windows 10 Disk


There are plenty of reasons why you would want to create a virtual hard disk (VHD) from your physical hard drive. Maybe you want to create a backup of your existing Windows 10 installation and all data before upgrading to a newer version of Windows 10; or maybe you want to have the same set […]

4 Tools To Create Windows To Go USB Of Windows 10


Windows To Go is a handy feature that lets you install and run Windows operating system from a USB drive. The official Windows To Go creator is exist only in the Enterprise edition but that doesn’t mean you can’t create Windows To Go drive from other editions of Windows 10. Windows enthusiasts and developers have […]

Winaero Tweaker: All-In-One Tweaking Tool For Windows


We here at IntoWindows love customizing and tweaking Windows operating system. Our regular readers will know that we seldom miss the opportunity to review a good tweaking and customization software. When it comes to customizing and tweaking Windows operating system, there are plethora of free customization tools available. There are tools to modify almost every […]