How To Create Password Reset Disk On USB Drive In Windows 10


It’s easy to add a strong password to your account but strong passwords are always hard to remember. Many of us often prefer to have weak passwords just to make sure that we don’t forget them. If you are using a weak password to protect your Windows 10 local user account just because you can’t […]

How To Change The Default PDF Reader In Windows 10


The new Microsoft Edge is not only the default web browser in Windows 10 but also the default PDF reader in the newest version of Windows operating system. This is definitely a good thing as we can finally view PDF files without having to install third-party apps or Microsoft’s own Reader app that it introduced […]

How To Check If Your PC Is Running 32-bit Or 64-bit Windows 10


Just like its predecessors, Windows 10 is also available in both 32-bit and 64-bit types. If you installed Windows 10 yourself or upgraded to Windows 10 from a previous version of Windows, you likely know how to check if you are running 32-bit or 64-bit type of Windows 10. There are many instances where you […]

How To Restore Previous Version Of A Driver In Windows 10


Microsoft has learnt over the years that many of the common Windows errors and issues are due to out-dated drivers. Since most users never attempt to download and install latest drivers, Microsoft has automated the job of updating popular hardware drivers in Windows 10. Unlike previous Windows versions, the new Windows 10 automatically downloads latest […]

Check If Windows 10 November Or Threshold 2 Update Is Installed


The November Update or Threshold 2 update is the first major update to Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 operating system. While the update was released about two weeks ago, the big update is stilling rolling out, and many PC users are still haven’t received it. The update not only includes fixes for several issues that Windows […]

How To Save Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Pictures In Windows 10


In one of our previous articles titled how to turn Windows Spotlight lock screen on or off in Windows 10, we discussed what is Windows Spotlight and how to turn on or off it. After going through the article, a reader has asked us how to save these Windows Spotlight pictures featured on the lock […]

How To Turn Windows Spotlight Lock Screen On or Off In Windows 10


If you have spent significant amount of time with Windows 10 and have not turned off the lock screen, you probably have noticed the small “Like what you see?” text at the upper-right corner of the lock screen. Clicking or tapping Like what you see text show two options: I want more and Not a […]

How To Pin Recycle Bin To Quick Access & Quick Access Toolbar In Windows 10


Do you want to quickly open Recycle Bin right from Windows Explorer in Windows 10? Want to pin Recycle Bin to Quick Access and Quick Access Toolbar for easy access? Here is how to do that. The File Explorer Favorites section has been replaced with Quick Access in Windows 10. The Quick Access feature automatically […]

How To Use Find My Device Feature In Windows 10


The Windows 10 November Update or Threshold 2 (TH2) update has fixed a wide range of issues and brought in a bunch of cool features to the operating system. The Find My Device feature is one of them. Those of you who have been using Windows Phone 8.1 or above version will know that Find […]