Use Windows 10 Start Menu Search Without Clicking Search Icon Or Box


The Start menu or taskbar search in Windows 10 is not just capable of searching your PC, but it can also get results from the web with the help of Bing. By now, you probably have used Windows 10’s taskbar search box or Start menu search numerous times and are familiar with it. I have […]

How To Set Your Windows 10’s Wi-Fi Connection As Metered


These days, many PC users use mobile data connections or metered networks. Mobile data connections are usually not as cheap as broadband connections and often have a data limit. When you exceed the data limit, internet service providers charge by the amount of data used or reduce the connection speed to speed that is hardly […]

How To Disable or Block Microsoft Accounts In Windows 10


Ever since the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has been pushing users to sign in to Windows operating system with a Microsoft account, and Windows 10 is no different. Right from the time of installation, Windows 10 tries to push users sign in with a Microsoft account. Microsoft account in Windows 10 There are a […]

How To Create Desktop Shortcut For Settings In Windows 10


The Settings app in Windows 10 is the feature of classic Control Panel we all are familiar with. Microsoft intents to discontinue the Control Panel once all settings have been moved to the new Settings app and this is the reason why Microsoft moved many settings and options from the classic Control Panel to the […]

Tip: Use Start Menu Search As Calculator In Windows 10


When you upgraded your PC to Windows 10, you probably immediately noticed the new Start menu, enhanced taskbar, digital personal assistant Cortana and Quick Access in the File Explorer. After spending some time with the operating system, you probably already have discovered the new date and time flyout, battery flyout, action center, fully overhauled Settings […]

How To Enable Screen Saver In Windows 10


As you likely know, screen savers were introduced to save Cathode Ray Tube (popularly known as CRT) monitors from burn-in effect, and now that most PCs are using LCD or LED screens, screen savers are no longer as important and popular as they were a decade ago. Screen savers are turned off by default in […]

How To Clear & Reset Windows Store Cache In Windows 10


Ever since the release of Windows 10, PC users are reporting issues with Windows Store app and Start menu. While Microsoft has issued updates to fix many of the issues, including the Settings app, users are still having issues while downloading and installing apps from the Store. We have already discussed several ways to fix […]

How To Fix Windows 10 Search Issues By Rebuilding Index


Like the previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 also ships with a powerful search engine. By default, the search engine indexes locations like Start menu, users folder, and OneDrive folder (only offline files). Although the built-in search is pretty good, at times, you might see broken shortcuts or deleted files in the search results. If […]

Remove Preinstalled Windows 10 Apps Using Windows 10 App Remover


Like its predecessor Windows 8, Windows 10 also ships with a bunch of universal or modern apps. Weather, OneNote, People, Money, Windows Store, Phone companion, Groove Music, Camera, Get Office, Get Skype, Calendar and Mail, Calculator, Alarms & Clock, Movies & TV, and Voice Recorder are some of the apps preinstalled in Windows 10. Some […]

How To Disable Auto or Adaptive Screen Brightness In Windows 10


Last evening, I received my new ThinkPad T450s laptop that I had ordered a couple of days ago through an ecommerce website. Since the ThinkPad 450s ships with Windows 7 Pro edition, I upgraded the OS to Windows 10 Pro using the free upgrade offer, and the upgrade process went smoothly without any installation or […]