Windows and Office ISO Downloader


There is an official tool called Media Creation Tool for Windows 10 to download Windows 10 ISO image files right from Microsoft servers. A similar tool exist to download Windows 8.1 ISO as well. There is no official tool available to download Windows 7 ISO but users can directly download the ISO image files from […]

Fix: “Open With” Option Missing In Windows 10


The Open with option appears when you perform a right-click on a file of any type in Windows operating system. The Open with option allows you open a file in a different program than the default program associated with the file type and also allows you set a default program for a file type. Open […]

Download Office 2016 From Microsoft Using Product Key


Have you lost your Microsoft Office 2016 DVD and want to download the Office 2016 installer from Microsoft? Do you have the product key of Office 2016 but don’t have the setup file? Would you like to order a backup copy of Office 2016? In this guide, we will see how to download Office 2016 […]

Fix: Wi-Fi Is Not Connecting After Sleep Mode In Windows 10


Wi-Fi is one of the common features present in all recent laptops and desktops. With Wi-Fi, one can not just access the Internet wirelessly but also create new Wi-Fi hotspots so that other devices can also access the Internet using your Internet connection. When working, Wi-Fi is a great feature but when it’s not working, […]

Download Microsoft Surface Data Eraser Tool


There are plenty of applications around to securely erase data from Windows PCs. There are also tools like Partition Wizard Bootable CD/USB to partition and delete data from unbootable PCs. While one can always use third-party tools to securely erase data b­efore handing over a PC to service or selling off, there is an official […]

Fix: Slow Desktop Right Click Menu In Windows 10


The desktop context menu or popularly known as desktop right-click menu which appears when you perform a right-click on the empty area of Windows 10 desktop is useful to quickly access Settings and display settings, show/hide desktop icons, sort desktop items, and create New folder on desktop. Ever since the release of Windows 10, which […]

Fix: Display Driver Failed To Start Error In Windows 10


At times, you might see “Display driver failed to start. Display driver failed to start; using Microsoft Basic Display Driver instead. Check Windows Update for a newer display driver” notification on Windows 10. The “Display driver failed to start” error message appears when your graphics driver installed for your on-board or dedicated graphics card failed […]

How To Change Taskbar Background Picture In Windows 10


There are plenty of ways to customize the taskbar in Windows 10. One can go through our 13 ways to customize the taskbar in Windows 10 guide to know all the ways out there to change the default feel and look of the taskbar. Windows 10 allows users change the taskbar color and also there […]

How To Check Office 2016/365 Activation Status


One of the advantages of Office 365 over the traditional Office suite is that subscribers always get to use the newest version of Office. In addition to Office applications, all editions offer at least 1 TB of free OneDrive storage space. Installing and activating Office 365 or Office 2106 suite is fairly easy. But after […]

How To Check Office 365 Subscription Expiry Date


Not sure when will your Office 365 subscription will expire? Want to check when your Microsoft Office 365 subscription is going to expire? In this guide, we will see how to check the expiry date of Office 365 subscription. Generally, a month before the end of your Office 365 subscription, Microsoft send out a reminder […]