Fastest Way To Close All Programs and Windows Using Alt + F4 Key (Video Guide)


What’s the fastest way to close running apps and open windows in Windows? Moving mouse over the caption buttons and clicking on the Close button is the traditional way of closing running programs and open windows in Windows operating system. Users who are a little more familiar with Windows and keyboard shortcuts prefer using Alt […]

Fix: Battery Icon Missing From Windows 7/8 Taskbar


If you have installed Windows operating system on a netbook, notebook, tablet or desktop computer with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), you probably are familiar with the small battery icon that appears in the system tray area of the taskbar. The battery status icon comes very handy for users who don’t keep their notebooks or netbooks […]

How To Backup Firefox Passwords In Windows And Mac


I have installed Windows 8.1 on my MacBook Air using Boot Camp Assistant software. Even though I boot into Mac OS X about once or twice in a week, I had saved a couple of web credentials in Firefox. The other day, after selecting OS X partition during the boot (I have set Windows as […]

How To Convert HFS+ Drive To NTFS Without Data Loss


If you own a PC as well as a Mac, chances are high that you often transfer files between these computers. While there are plenty of ways, including many online services and third-party tools, to share files between Windows and Mac OS X, transferring files between these computers using a flash drive isn’t as easy […]

Download Free HFS+ Driver For Windows 8.1


A number of Mac owners have installed Windows on their Macs for a variety of reasons. While some users have installed Windows on Mac without the Boot Camp Assistant software, most users have installed Windows using the native Boot Camp Assistant software. If you have installed Windows on Mac with or without the help of […]

4 Simple Reasons Why Windows 9 Will Be A Big Hit Like Windows 7


Millions of PC users are eagerly waiting for the next version of Windows. Now that Windows 8 and an update to the same have failed to impress most PC users, it’s obvious that Microsoft will try to ship the next major version of Windows operating system as early as possible and will try its best […]

How To Save Webpage As PDF In Chrome Browser


Portable Document Format or PDF probably requires no introduction. It’s the most sought after file format when it comes to saving documents. The beauty of PDF is that you can open this format of the file on almost any smartphone, tablet or PC by simply installing a PDF opening app. While browsing the web, you […]

Chameleon 4: Change Window Color Based On Temperature, Battery Level, and Time Of The Day


As you likely know, we here at IntoWindows love customizing Windows operating system. Over the years, we have reviewed hundreds of quality applications that let you customize Windows in one or other way. You can go through our 25 free customization tools for Windows 7 and 15 free customization utilities for Windows 8 guides to […]

Two Ways To Create Windows 7 Live USB Drive


Gone are the days of installing Windows from DVD drives. These days, most PC users use USB flash drives to clean-install Windows operating system and many of them even prefer creating live Windows USB drives. Installing Windows on a USB flash drive has many benefits. The major benefit is that you can connect the live […]