How To Perform Office 2013 Unattended or Silent Installation


Just like Windows operating system and other software out there, Microsoft Office 2010 and Office 2013 can also be installed using the unattended method. For those who’re new to the unattended word, unattended installation is nothing but a type of installation which requires no manual input from the user. Unattended or silent installation uses a […]

Generate And Download Unattend.XML Windows File Online


Creating an unattended copy of Windows setup has many benefits. First of all, you can quickly install Windows as you don’t need to input or configure anything during the installation. Second, since you have already included the product key in the Windows setup, you don’t need to remember or save the product key. As you […]

Perfect Windows 7 Theme For Windows 8.1


Microsoft’s decision to drop Aero glass from Windows 8 was one of the reasons why many Windows 7 users chose not to upgrade to Windows 8. Over the last two years a number of themes and transformations have been released to make Windows 8/8.1 look like Windows 7 but most of them have failed to […]

Download This Awesome Ubuntu Theme For Windows 8.1


Among all the Linux distributions out there, Ubuntu is one of the most popular distributions. Ubuntu includes good set of features and sports an elegant user interface. It’s one of the very few distributions with an eye catching user interface. While most computer users try to make their Linux distributions look like Windows or Mac […]

How To Easily Convert Install.esd To Install.wim


Windows 8 was the first version of Windows to let users upgrade their Windows versions to the latest one in a few mouse clicks with the help of Upgrade Assistant. The official Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant even let users create an ISO and bootable DVD/USB out of the downloaded installation files. Those of you used […]

Clean Up Right Click Menu By Enabling Cascading Menu For WinRAR


WinRAR is one of the popular file archive and compression software out there for Windows operating system. While plenty of free utilities have comp up over the last couple of years, WinRAR is still the best of the lot when it comes to compression ratio and overall performance. As with the case of many other […]

How To Use Adobe Reader To Electronically Sign (E-Signature) PDF Documents


The traditional way of signing a PDF document is to print out the document, sign the document on paper, and scan the same again to save as PDF file. While there is nothing wrong with this traditional procedure, many users prefer to digitally or electronically sign (e-signature) documents to avoid printing out and scanning documents. […]