Get Windows Experience Index In Windows 10


In Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista, we had a feature called Windows Experience Index. Windows Experience Index feature was first introduced with Vista to help users easily measure their computer performance without having to use advanced benchmarking tools. The Windows Experience Index feature basically rates your PC on five key components: Processor, Memory […]

How To Remove Watermark From Windows 10 Desktop


Like previous Windows versions, when you install a pre-release build of Windows 10 on your PC, a small watermark appears at the lower right-corner of the desktop showing the edition and build number of Windows 10. Watermark on Windows 10 desktop As you know, the watermark on Windows 10 desktop takes a very small portion […]

How To Move Installed Apps To Another Drive In Windows 10


Windows 10 is probably the best version of Windows operating system to date. Not just because it’s the latest version of Windows, but because the number of features and improvements it ships with. For the first time, Microsoft has designed and developed a version of Windows operating system based on user feedback. Many of the […]

How To Change Desktop Background In Windows 10


The default desktop background or wallpaper in Windows 10 is no doubt impressive, but not all users want keep the same desktop background for a long time, and want to change default desktop background it to a picture of their choice. In Windows 10, Microsoft has partially dropped the classic Personalization window, and when you […]

Download Windows 10 ISO 64-bit

Windows 10 ISO download 64-bit free

We will update this page whenever there is a new version of Windows 10 ISO 64-bit or 32-bit available to download from Microsoft. Windows 10 ISO 64-bit and 32-bit It’s time to download another Windows 10 ISO image! With less than four weeks to go for the official launch of Windows 10 RTM, Microsoft has […]

How To Change Title Bar Color In Windows 10


Microsoft has changed a lot of things in Windows 10. While most of the features and changes are impressive, there is one feature most users are not exactly happy about. Windows 10 allows you make taskbar transparent, change start menu color, and pin specific settings to Start menu, but it doesn’t allow you change the […]

Difference Between Windows 10 Home And Pro


Windows 10, the newest version of Windows operating system, is available in a total of seven editions: Home, Pro, Enterprise, Mobile, Education, Mobile Enterprise, and IoT Core. Out of these seven editions, only Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise are desktop editions. Since Windows 10 Enterprise edition is exclusive to business, […]

How To Change Default Install Location Of Apps In Windows 10


These days, more and more devices are shipping with little or limited storage space. Most of the smartphones and tablets out there offer limited storage space, and a significant percentage of in-built storage is mostly occupied by the operating system only. Those of you who own devices with limited storage might want to change the […]

How To Change Taskbar Color In Windows 10


With default settings, Windows 10 uses black color for Start menu, taskbar and action center. While the default black color looks nice and goes well with the default wallpaper, after using Windows 10 for a while, you might want to change your taskbar color to your desired color. Microsoft has included a number of settings […]

How To Import Bookmarks Into Edge Browser


Microsoft Edge is the new default web browser in Windows 10 operating system. It’s elegant user interface, ability to save and mange web passwords, ability to make notes on webpages, reading view, reading list, and the page loading speed make it one of the best web browsers around. For all these years if you were […]