Burn ISO/IMG File From Command Prompt In Windows 10


Like its predecessor Windows 8, the new Windows 10 also supports burning and mounting ISO and IMG image files. PC users can burn and mount ISO and IMG files in Windows 10 without the help of third-party software. As you likely know, Windows 7 allows you burn ISO files but it’s not possible to mount […]

6 Ways To Open On-Screen Keyboard In Windows 10


Not all PC users often use the On-Screen Keyboard present in Windows operating system and many would be surprised to know that the On-Screen Keyboard has been part of Windows operating system since Vista days. Now that Windows 10 ships with a dedicated touch keyboard, most users don’t need to use the on-screen keyboard. That […]

11 Ways To Open Task Manager In Windows 10


The Task Manager in Windows 10 is not just to kill unresponsive apps but it’s can also be used to monitor system performance, view running services, view app history and enable/disable startup programs. Most PC users open the Task Manager either using Ctrl + Shift + Esc hotkey or right-clicking on taskbar and then clicking […]

How To Remove Programs From Startup In Windows 10


One of the better ways to improve Windows boot time is to stop unwanted programs from loading with Windows operating system. Programs like Skype, Evernote, and TeamViewer automatically start with Windows operating system with default settings. In previous Windows 7 previous versions the option to remove or disable startup entries was present under System Configuration […]

Fix: Compressed (Zipped) Folder Missing From Send To Menu


More often than not, like most PC users out there, I also use the built-in tool in Windows to create compressed (zipped) folder. The built-in tool is useful for small files and folders, especially if you don’t want to create password protected zip files. As you know, one can easily create a zipped or compressed […]

Enable Or Disable Narrator In Windows 10


The Narrator is a basic screen reading utility present in Windows operating system since the time of now unsupported Windows XP. The Narrator tool is basically helpful for visual impaired users but it can be used by anyone and everyone to hear what you see on the screen. While Narrator can be turned on by […]

Fix: Airplane Mode Is Not Turning Off In Windows 10


Over the past few days, I had to turn on the Airplane mode in Windows 10 a couple of times. As you likely know, the Airplane mode can be turned on or off quickly by clicking the Action Center icon in the system tray and then clicking Airplane tile. What’s Airplane or flight mode? The […]

Enable Or Disable Kaspersky Safe Money In Windows 10/8/7


There is an excellent security feature called Safe Money in recent versions of Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Pure software. The Kaspersky Safe Money feature helps you make secure transactions when you visit a banking or any payment system website. What’s Kaspersky Safe Money? Basically, when you open the sign in page of your bank’s […]

Use Different Email Account To Sign In To Windows 10 Store


Do you want to use a different Microsoft account with Windows Store app in Windows 10? Want to sign in to Windows 10 Store using another email account instead of the current one? In this guide, we will see how to use a different email account to sign in to the Store in Windows 10. […]