Download Windows 10 Theme for Windows 7


Earlier this month, Microsoft released the first preview build of its forthcoming Windows 10 operating system to developers, enthusiasts and everyone who would like to test the next major version of Windows. Windows 10, as expected and promised by Microsoft, ships with an improved Start menu. The desktop, taskbar, command prompt, explorer and many other […]

How To Access Sign Out And Lock Options In Windows 10


After negative feedback from large number of PC users for not providing shutdown or power button on the Start screen of Windows 8, Microsoft added a power or shutdown button to upper right-corner of the Start screen in Windows 8.1 Update. Now that the Start menu has re-introduced with Windows 10, accessing shutdown, restart, hibernate […]

How To Pin Hard Drive To Taskbar In Windows 10


The Start menu is definitely the star attraction of Windows 10 and is one of the core reasons why most Windows users like the newly released Windows 10. Even though the Start menu is highlight and is one of the most visible features of Windows 10, the other areas of the operating system have been […]

Access Charms Bar Using Mouse In Windows 10


Charms Bar feature was first introduced with Windows 8 operating system to access settings and options of modern apps or apps installed from the Store. The feature, which was considered one of the annoying features of Windows 8 on a desktop, has been almost dropped from the recently released Windows 10, the successor to Windows […]

Download NTLite For Windows 10


About a month ago, we let you know about the release of NTLite, the successor to the very popular nLite software. For the uninitiated and who missed out the news, NTLite is a free (Pro version is also available) Windows setup customization tool with great set of features. With NTLite, one can create unattended installation […]

How To Add Control Panel To Start Menu In Windows 10


Many PC users use Control Panel to access various admin tools and settings such as Device Manager and User Accounts. While there are a couple of ways out there to launch Control Panel in Windows, most users prefer opening Control Panel by clicking the Start menu and then clicking Control Panel on the right-side of […]

Classic Shell For Windows 10


The new Windows 10 operating system is full of small but useful features and enhancements. The one major visible feature of Windows 10 is Start menu, the feature which was missing from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. The Start menu in Windows 10 is a bit different from what we have seen and used to […]