Avast 7 Final Released With Support For Windows 8

The final versions of Avast Free Antivirus 7, Avast Antivirus Pro 7, and Avast Internet Security 7 have been released with new features and are now available for download. And the best thing is that the newest version supports the latest Windows 8 operating system as well.

Customizable installation, file reputation system, real-time virus database updates, and remote assistance are the highlights of this version.

Avast Free Antivirus for Windows 8 Picture

Customizable installation lets you choose between express install and compatible install. While the express installs the antivirus with default settings, compatible install installs Avast 7 antivirus as the second line of defense. That is, by using this, one can install and use Avast along with other antivirus software as well.

Starting from this version, Avast virus database will automatically be updated in real-time. That is, you no longer need to wait for a traditional database update release.

Remote Assistance is another handy feature available in the latest version. With this feature, you can easily share or access desktop with a family member or friend. This feature uses Avast’s servers and bypasses firewalls. The feature includes only basic assistance features. Again, if you are looking for some advanced tool for remote assistance, you should check out TeamViewer software.

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The file reputation system helps you know whether a downloaded file is safe or not, before you open it. Handy for users who often download from file sharing sites. And this version also includes Windows 8 specific features to provide additional protection against system level rootkits and bootkits.

Avast Free Antivirus for Windows 8

Finally, the Avast setup tries to install the popular Google Chrome, if your PC doesn’t have a version of Chrome browser already. If you don’t like to install the browser, you can uncheck “Yes, also install the Google Chrome web browser” option during the antivirus installation.

Avast Antivirus Pro 7 and Avast Internet Security 7 include some additional features such firewall, sandbox, anti-spam, and safezone.

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  1. Verna says

    Thanks for making the Avast Free Antivirus compatible for Windows 8. I need a new computer and have used your product for a long, long time. I trust this product and am really happy to be able to continue using it.

  2. Allen says

    Good to know about Avast and I am using Comodo Anti-virus which pretty cool in give safety and security options.

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