Download New Themes For Windows 8.1


As with the case of Windows 7 and Windows 8, the recently released Windows 8.1 also ships with a couple of good theme packs. If you have upgraded from Windows 7/8 to Windows 8.1 you would know that a theme pack comprises of desktop backgrounds, window borders colour, and might also contain desktop icons, screen […]

Download Aero Theme For Windows 8


Not everyone likes the default set of visual styles (themes) included in Microsoft’s latest version of Windows operating system. Microsoft has removed the eye-candy Aero glass visual style and replaced the same with non-Aero visual style. While it’s possible to enable Aero glass transparency in Windows 8 without editing system files or using third-party tools, […]

Download Windows XP Royale Theme For Windows 8


No matter which edition of Windows 8 operating system you are using, Aero glass transparency is not available in Windows 8. Along with many other cool features, Microsoft has also dropped Aero visual style from the latest iteration of Windows. While there is a workaround available to enable Aero transparency in Windows 8, the end […]

Download Windows 8 Themes Free


Along with the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has also released a set of cool themes for Windows 8 and are now available for download. Visit the personalization gallery page to start downloading your themes. Microsoft has also redesigned Windows themes page to include new Windows 8 themes. If you have ever used Windows 7, […]

500+ Metro Style Icons For Windows 8


Metro-style icons have been popular even since the release of Windows Phone 7. A good number of icons and icon packs are available on the web to replace default Windows icons. The next version of Windows, Windows 8 also includes Start screen inspired from Windows Phone 7 UI. Despite introducing Metro-style Start screen and apps, […]

How To Use Windows 8 Themes In Windows 7


In a recent blog post on Windows Team Blog, Microsoft revealed that theme packs that have been created for Windows 8 don’t work in Windows 7. In simple words, Windows 8 themes (theme packs) are not supported in Windows 7. But all Windows 7 themes work in Windows 8. While Windows 7 themes use .themepack […]

Windows Personalization Gallery Now Features 200+ Themes


By know, most of Windows 7 and Windows 8 users have visited the official Windows personalization gallery page at least once to download themes, desktop backgrounds and gadgets. For those who are not familiar with the gallery, it’s the central place to download official theme packs, wallpapers and gadgets. The personalization gallery has recently been […]