50 Best New Features In Windows 8.1 [Must Read]


Microsoft has finally released Windows 8.1 to the public and it’s available as a free update to all existing Windows 8 users. If you have upgraded to Windows 8.1 or planning to upgrade to Windows 8.1 in near feature, check out the 50 best features introduced with Windows 8.1. The Start button: Microsoft has restored […]

MetroTube For Windows 8 Released


There is absolutely no shortage of good Modern UI-style YouTube apps for Windows 8. While Google is yet to release the official YouTube app for the newest iteration of Windows, a bunch of decent apps are available to search and watch YouTube videos on Windows 8 without having to open the web browser. Apps like […]

Browse Windows 8 App Store Online


The Windows 8 Store is receiving hundreds of new apps every day and has over 30,000 apps in different categories. The Store is exclusive to Windows 8 and one needs to open up the Store app to search and browse the Store. Because of this, one can’t browse the Store from a web browser. Windows […]

Microsoft Surface RT Specs vs Surface Pro


As we reported earlier today, Microsoft Store has started accepting pre-orders for Surface RT tablet. Surface RT is initially available in three SKUs: a 32GB without Touch Cover (US$499), 32GB with Touch Cover (US$599), and 64GB with Touch Cover (US$699). The main difference between Surface RT and Surface Pro is the version of Windows 8. […]

Microsoft Surface RT Specs


Microsoft has finally revealed the pricing of Surface tablet and is now available for pre-order in eight countries. Consumers residing in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States can now pre-order Surface RT tablet. Microsoft Surface is initially available in three SKUs: a 32 GB priced at US$499, […]

Difference Between Windows 7 & Windows 8


Over the last few months, we have covered a number of tips and guides on Microsoft’s latest Windows operating system. Now that Windows 8 and Windows 8 powered PCs and tablets are up for pre-order, many users are asking one simple question: should I upgrade to Windows 8? To get an answer for the above […]

Pre-order Windows 8 With A $10 Discount


As we reported earlier this morning, major online retailers including Amazon.com, Staples, and Office Depot have started accepting pre-orders for Windows 8 software and machines powered by Windows 8. Now that Windows 8 is up for pre-order, you might be considering to reserve your Windows 8 full version or upgrade copy. Windows 8 upgrade copy […]