Fix: Clicking On Internet Explorer Tile On Start Screen Opens Internet Explorer Desktop Version

Unlike its predecessor, Windows 8 includes two versions of Internet Explorer browser: Internet Explorer desktop and Metro UI-style (Modern UI) Internet Explorer. While the desktop version of the browser is powerful, the Metro UI Internet Explorer 10 is specially designed for the touch screen.

One can easily launch the Metro UI Internet Explorer by switching to the Start screen and then clicking or tapping Internet Explorer tile. But if for some reason, clicking or tapping on the tile opens the desktop version of Internet Explorer, follow the given below instructions to enable the Metro UI style Internet Explorer in Windows 8.

If clicking or tapping IE tile is opening the desktop version, it might be because the option “Open Internet Explorer tiles on the desktop” option is enabled in Internet Options.

Complete the below mentioned instructions to disable “Open Internet Explorer tiles on the desktop” option.

Step 1: Open up Internet Explorer desktop version from the desktop. If you can’t see the desktop version as well, check out our how to pin Internet Explorer desktop version to Taskbar and Start screen guide.

Step 2: Navigate to Tools (Alt +T hotkey), Internet Options, and then switch to Programs tab.

Step 3: Here, under Opening Internet Explorer, uncheck Open Internet Explorer tiles on the desktop option. Click Apply button.

Clicking on the Internet Explorer tile on the Start screen should now open Metro UI version of Internet Explorer.

And if you can’t see Internet Explorer tile on the Start screen, you need to first set Internet Explorer as your default web browser using the below mentioned instructions.

Step 1: Switch to the Start screen, type Default Programs and then press enter key open Default Programs window.

Step 2: Click Set your default program.

Step 3: On the left-hand side, under Programs, select Internet Explorer and then click Set this program as default option that appears on the right-hand side.

Step 4: Click OK. That’s it!

Switch back to the Start screen, click on the Internet Explorer tile on the Start screen Metro UI version of Internet Explorer.

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  1. mordath says

    Too bad it only works ONLY if you have IE as the default browser. cant open it if you have say chrome or mozilla for default. damn, it looks pretty neat too :)

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