How To Backup iPhone Photos To PC Without iTunes

Many modern smartphones ship with cameras that are comparable to standalone digital cameras. Some smartphones like Nokia Lumia 950 and iPhone 6s feature cameras that are capable of capturing stunning pictures, even in low light conditions.

Apple iPhone, without a doubt, one of the best smartphones out there and is one of the few smartphones that feature good camera lenses and sensors. Even though most of us prefer backing up captured photos to the cloud, many users still prefer backing up photos to their PC or Mac over cloud storage for obvious reasons.

The official iTunes software that we’re all familiar with offers options to backup your pictures from iPhone to a PC or Mac. While there are plenty of alternatives to iTunes around and many of them offer better backup features, users who are on Windows 8 and Windows 10 can easily backup all photos from iPhone to Windows 10/8.1 PC without having to install iTunes or any other third-party software.

The Photos app that ships with Windows 8 as well as Windows 8.1 lets you easily transfer your photos from iPhone to your PC.

Complete the given below instructions to backup your pictures from iPhone to Windows 10/8.1 PC.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Windows 10/8.1 PC using the connector that was provided with your iPhone.

Step 2: Once connected, switch to the Start screen, click or tap on Pictures app tile to run the same. And if you can’t see the Pictures tile on the Start screen, type Pictures when you are in the Start screen to see Picture app in the search results. You can also launch Pictures app from Apps screen.

Backup iPhone Photos to PC without iTunes Step1

Step 3: Once Pictures app is launched and running, right-click anywhere on the empty space to see the apps bar with Import option (appears at the bottom-right of the screen).

Backup iPhone Photos to PC without iTunes Step2

Step 4: Click or tap the Import icon and then click or tap Apple iPhone that appears in the list, and let Windows scan your iPhone for all captured photos. On Windows 10, right-click on the empty area and then click Import option

Backup iPhone Photos to PC without iTunes Step3

Backup iPhone Photos to PC without iTunes Step4

Backup iPhone Photos to PC without iTunes Step5

Step 5: By default, Photos app selects all photos for import job. You can manually select a set of pictures and then click the Import icon again to begin transferring all photos from your iPhone to your Windows 10/8.1 PC.

Backup iPhone Photos to PC without iTunes Step6

Backup iPhone Photos to PC without iTunes Step7

The time required for the import job varies depending on the number of photos and videos present in your iPhone. In our test, it took about a minute and half to import about 430 (~1 GB) pictures and 8 videos (~400 MB).

Backup iPhone Photos to PC without iTunes Step9

Once Photos app completes its business, you can open up Pictures Library to view all imported photos. That’s it!



  1. Weather says

    Haven’t found the way to backup iPhone photos with iTunes. The windows Explorer is good but not good enough for me to manage and backup photos. At last I find FonePaw iOS Transfer. It allows me to backup selected photos or all photos in seconds.

  2. mike says

    exactly.. geez apple is supposed to make things easy but really they don’t. Its always convoluted, confusing. How does one DELETE the pictures from the iPhone, once they are imported to windows?

    Its the question of the year.

  3. Joseph Perkinson says

    Yes, but here is the big problem (as I see it): there is no option given to delete the files from the source location. One of the big reasons folks transfer photos (if not using iCloud in particular) is because there is not enough room on the device. Hence, DELETING the file from the phone, post-transfer is IMPORTANT. This was previously offered XP and 7. What I’m wanting is a transfer/move operation, NOT a copy command.

  4. Michaela says

    I did that but it said there were no files to import from my iphone.. what should i do?

  5. Techland says

    That’s it? You just replaced iTunes with Windows photo app. The realy easy and native way would be to just use the Windows Explorer where the iPhone’s camera is shown and can be acessed to copy files (photos). That even includes the usual thumbnail preview.

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