How To Easily Add/Change Folder Picture In Windows 7

With Windows 7 explorer managing and customizing folders is easier than ever before. Applying or adding a new picture to a folder (folder picture) is very simple.

folder picture

Previously we have shown how to hide/show a folder and also how to change Windows 7 drive icons easily. Here is how to add or change a folder picture in Windows 7:

Step 1: Right-click on the folder that you would like to customize and click Properties option.

Step 2: Switch to the Customize tab.

Folder properties

Step 3: Under Customize tab, under folder pictures section, click on Choose File button and browse to the image file that you want to set as folder picture for the current folder.

browse for folder picture

Step 4: Once you are done with your custom folder picture, click Apply button to save the selected image as folder picture for the current folder.

Step 5: Done!



  1. Anton says

    It’s not the fastest way, because you have to change icons one by one manually if u have for example 200 folders.
    For that reason I’m using Folder Marker.

  2. Luis Botelho says

    This explanation is very easy to understand. I’ve done the same mayself with the desired bresults. But now, this does not work anymore. I slect a folder, choose properties, click the choose file option, select an image (I have tried .png, .jpg, and .bmp), click apply but nothing happens

    — Luis

  3. gill says

    when i change the folder icon to a album cover (.ico file) it works but changes back to default when i play mp3 tracks and switch between albums so i stopped doing that so i am going to try this folder pic thing

  4. Deanna McG says

    You cannot access the customize tab from your Library in Windows 7, where it lists all of the places that pictures, for example are stored. Instead, right-click the document or picture folder under My Documents or My Pictures, and the Customize tab will be there.

  5. Raf says

    Conag, same happens to me, which is very annoying when you have done this slow method for changing the picture on MANY music folders, and then it reverts back to default.

  6. Lord Viper says

    plz, i tried this a million times even before i read your article but there is no change. it ain’t work at there a problem with my win 7 or you missed something?
    another problem is even if it works still it shows a crank and indirect picture inside the folder. i don’t like it at all, because usually it don’t show the hole icon , look at the icon you showed in your example , you see the left section of image is cut off , maybe i want to see the hole icon that i made it myself and then what?

  7. Conog says

    Yep. Can do all this – and have done several times.
    But Windows periodically jumbles the folder pictures and shows either the wrong picture or just shows several overlayed images of the folder contents. Regardless of how many times you APPLY the image you want.
    Any idea why ??

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