How To Get The New Windows 8 Start Screen In Windows 7

Now that Microsoft has officially unveiled the new user interface (UI) of the upcoming Windows 8 OS (check out the official preview video) with some great new features, you might want to get the tile-based Windows 8 Start screen in your Windows 7 OS as well.

Windows 8 Tablet UI Start Screen Final

Unlike Windows 7 or any other desktop OS, Windows 8 includes tile-based Start screen (just like in Windows Phone 7), which replaces Windows Start menu with a customizable, scalable full-screen view of apps. These live tiles provide notifications, up-to-date information from installed apps.

Getting the new Metro UI based Start menu is pretty easy if you follow the steps given below.

Windows 8 Tablet UI Start Screen Small Final

How to get it:

Step 1: Start the procedure by downloading and installing Rainmeter software.

Step 2: Once you are done with Rainmeter installation, download Omnimo 3.1 skin for Rainmeter.

Step 3: Extract the contents of the zip pack and then double-click on Omnimo.rmskin file to start installing the skin.

Step 4: Once installed, add new panels and arrange them one by one to get the Windows 8 Start screen look.

Step 5: Good luck!

NOTE: The developer of Omnimo Rainmeter skin, fediafedia, is working on a new version of the skin which will bring the exact Windows 8 Tablet UI Start menu to Windows 7 (with Start at the top left and user picture at the top right of the screen) and the skin will be released within a week or two. Until then, you can follow the above procedure to get similar Start screen in Windows 7.

Here is the preview of next version of the skin with exact Windows 8 Start screen look:

Windows 8 Tablet UI Start Screen for Windows  7



  1. WldHogn says

    While exploring the tiles … I right clicked, went to settings, and clicked on “Click Through” to see what it did. Well, what it did was make the tile dead and not clickable. How do I get rid of that setting? When I right click it again .. I get the Win7 desktop settings underneath. ;-\

  2. admin says

    @ Thaakurr
    Install EasyBCD (free) on Windows 7 or Windows 8, launch it, click Add new entry, select your Windows XP drive and finally click Add button. That’s it!

  3. Thaakurr says

    How can I install windows 8 over windows 7 over windows xp sp3, and I want to install them on 3 different drives and want to use them all.
    I tried it but it worked only for xp and 7 or 8 over windows 7 but xp does not work or shows on boot screen can any one help me or guide me please.

  4. Anonymous187 says

    I messed up my name and website link in the comment, I know I’m a idiot but how do edit if I make a mistake. Could moderator delete it for me thank you.

  5. Aaron Williams says

    I agree with Raj I had Rainmeter for a while and I have to say it’s not better. It got old real quick. The look is over rated and it doesn’t make work or anything I did faster or more efficient. Windows 7 is better I will customize it another way.

  6. Raj says

    I hate windows 8. Windows 7 is best. Tiles and the metro UI are ugly. If they implement that UI as default in windows 8 the I have to look for installing linux.

  7. mark angelo says

    wow! windows 8 on windows 7! this is so exciting! i love the tiled Windows 8 start screen…cool!

  8. admin says

    It seems some users are having issues with this tool. The developer has promised to fix it. Will update the post once there is a new version is available.

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