How To Make Mozilla Firefox Home Page Look Like Windows 8 Start Screen

We have already talked about getting Windows 8 Start screen in Windows 7 with the help of Rainmeter. If you have missed it, please check out our how to get Windows 8 Start screen in Windows 7 guide to get one the best features of Windows 8 in your current OS.

Get Windows 8 Start Screen Look In Firefox

If you use Firefox as your primary browser, then we have a good news for you! You can now give the all new Windows 8 Start screen look to your Mozilla Firefox browser home page. A deviantart member has created HTML + CSS + jQuery start page for Firefox.

How to set the Windows 8 Metro UI Start screen in Firefox:

Step 1:  Download the zip pack and extract the contents to a New Folder on desktop or any other location.

Step 2: Now, open the index.htm file present in the new folder with Firefox browser.

Step 3: In Firefox browser, navigate to Tools and then Options.

Step 4: Under General, click Use Current Pages to set the newly opened index.htm as your Firefox home page.

By default, Windows 8 Start screen for Firefox (start page), lets you access YouTube, Grooveshark,, Yahoo!, twiiter, facebook, BBC News, CNN, and Google search with a click. You can customize this page by editing  source.xml file.

The zip pack of Windows 8 Start screen for Firefox includes a detailed readme file to help you install and customize the new home page. Enjoy!

Download Windows 8 Start Screen For Firefox



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