How To Open Control Panel In Windows 8

The first thing you notice when you power on a Windows 8 PC is the new Start screen. And the first thing you notice when you switch to the desktop is the missing good old Start menu and Start orb/button. For years, Windows users have been using the Start menu to launch programs, My Documents, My Pictures and also Control Panel. But in Windows 8, opening the Control Panel is not that easy if you don’t know the new ways.

In Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, one could open the Control Panel by clicking on Control Panel button present on the Start menu. As you all know, Microsoft has removed the Start menu and Start orb from Windows 8. So, how to open Control Panel in Windows 8? It’s easy, just follow one of the methods mentioned below to open Control Panel in Windows 8.

Method 1: Move the mouse cursor to the lower right corner of the screen and then right click to bring up a small menu. The menu gives you quick access to some common administrative tasks, including Control Panel.

Control Panel in Windows 8

Method 2: Switch to the Start screen, type Control Panel and then press enter key to launch the same. Note that in Windows 8, you don’t need to open the search pane to search for an application. Switch to the Start screen and start typing to search for the item.

Open Control Panel in Windows 8

Method 3: Simultaneously press Windows + R keys to open Run dialog. In the box, type control.exe and then press enter key to launch Control Panel.

Open Control Panel in Windows 8 Picture1

Method 4: Move the mouse cursor to the upper or lower right corner of the screen to see the Charms Bar, click on Settings charm, and then click on Control Panel to launch the same. If you are running Windows 8 on a tablet or touch device, swipe from the right-edge of the screen to see the Charms Bar.

Open Control Panel in Windows 8 Picture2

Open Control Panel in Windows 8 Picture3

Method 5: You can also pin the Control Panel to the Start screen for the quick access. To pin it to the Start, type Control Panel when you are in Start screen, right-click on Control Panel search result, and then select Pin to Start option. You can also pin Control Panel to the taskbar.

Open Control Panel in Windows 8 Picture4

Open Control Panel in Windows 8 Picture5



  1. Paris Jenkins says

    I’am also upset with this computer, the scroll on the mouse keeps locking up when I use facebook I couldn’t get the sound out of it. It works fine until you get on the web, what a piece of crap! Is it HP or windows 8.1 or both you all should be sued for this piss poor piece of junk!

  2. Connie says

    I can’t find anything I need on Windows 8 like I did on 7! Presently needing to download some pics off SD card and can’t figure out to do it. My Windows 7 computer was fatally electrocuted or I would have kept it for life.

  3. F. J brawner says

    I had windows 7 on old computer work fine until I updated to windows 10 then old computer crashed. Bought new computer with win 8.1 it is a piece of junk cant fine any thing or import things from IPhone. All the searching and nothing but web sites that want you to buy apps. THIS IS A GREAT BIG NITE MARE.

  4. bobby licker says

    windows 8.1 added the start button

    P.S if you got anything bad to say dont say it your just ruining the point to the people that actually like windows 8 or 8.1

  5. deborah hachey says

    Well hello,hello,hello. Just a short note to mention, how I just couldn’t wait to get a tablet, paying over 300.00 for this now let down, my son bought another brand much less expensive, absolutely beautiful, everything from just turning it on ,completely personalized to all they’re favs, backgrounds,etc, my granddaughter does everything with ease, so simplified, good job Samsung, now may I ask and hopefully with a response, with this, hopefully please trade it in…… please… thank you,

  6. Frances Flores says

    This is the worst thing to use. It is not for anyone than tech. Please get rid of it. Go back to Windows 7

  7. tim tymoszek says

    Worst p.o.s. I have ever used. Windows XL was easy to learn but forcing everyone onto this new Windows 8 system is a joke. Might be alright for all the techies, but not for the average computer user. I hate this system & hope they come out with something more user friendly soon.

  8. jacqueline paris says

    windows is not user friendly. it is the worst system I have ever used, instructions are not clear and it tells you to repeat something you just did

  9. m. harris says

    Have to agree with every other comment here – what are you people doing??? I’m sat here very confused and to say the least, frustrated as I go round and round in circles trying to connect to the web – you know what guys??? if it isn’t broke don’t fix it!!! you might like to have a word with the plonker who invented this pathetic system and suggest they take up a different task in your organisation – like counting the paper clips!! Thanks for nothing!

  10. RS Elam says

    WTF were you people thinking? Win 8 is an ABORTION! XP had its’ issues, but this is the worst user-friendly product I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to use Linux.

  11. David Pearsall says

    To MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, or anyone else involved in the marketing of this amazingly confusing and mostly useless thing called windows 8 – or even 8.1.

  12. Ed Zwolensky says

    Windows 8 sucks. HP support is horrible. I cannot understand the person I am talking too. He could not help and wanted to send me to another person who would charge to help. This computer is 1 month old and all I was trying to do was connect a mouse using Bluetooth. Last HP product for me.

  13. Margaret Hinchliffe says

    I would also like to say that Windows 8 is a nightmare, I have been using a computer for the past 30 years and this one is absolutely terrible to try & use. I am in my 70’s and my 11 year old granddaughter who has been using computers since she was 2 years of age can’t even work this new windows 8. It is a lot of money to pay for something that can’t be used properly, the tears I have shed because I have no-one to help me or show me how to use it, it’s no wonder that people have nervous breakdowns. I thinks its very annoying, and as other people have said the shop wouldn’t take them back, I tried to take it back 1 day after I had bought it, they didn’t know how to work it either. Just wish Microsoft had left things alone, like the saying ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it’.

  14. Diane Grow says

    Windows 8 Is more than a nightmare! My Grandchildren, Daughters All are wiz kids on all of theses things. Yet each have threatened to throw Windows 8 under there auto tires to get rid of more than a pain! Why would any Co. make such a messed up piece equipment! I have begged the store to take this back even giving me half of what I pd. NO!WAY I’m wondering if they don’t even want these THINGS!I gave it to my 16yo granddaughter within 3 days she returned it saying just try using it for Facebook an emails!This is my way of buying my presents an keeping up to date on MS. Which I can’t figure out how to watch the live programs.But when I need directions to find the control panel or keep my HX.Its time for me to give it to the school an go on line hoping to find a cheap even used old fashion 1.It makes me sick,to think of the money this Co made to cause nervous break downs. They need to return our money.They gotta know they messed up Big Time. This is my 1st comment.Wish it’d help get our money back!!!

  15. Keith W. Isaacson says

    I have never been so frustrated, all I want to do
    is install control panel. I want to create a document
    and make a copy. Windows eight is no good and this laptop
    is useless.

  16. Doug says

    This new system is a total disaster for people who do not have touchscreens and I suspect even they find it burdensome and inefficient.

  17. Deloies Haskins says

    This is way to complicated. Why make it hard to use and enjoy at the same time. Dumb idea. Don’t like this setup at all.

  18. Barbara says

    Al I want on my Toshiba laptop is Facebook/my emails…I have Facebook but have lost all my email addresses. I can not find email on the control panel. This machine has been a nightmare since I received it in late March. I sent it back for a new keyboard…I want to return the whole order but the warranty doesn’t seem to allow me to do anything but keep the blessed waste of money…and I mean a lot of money.

  19. Vernon m Stofleth says

    How to set Desktop as picture of my dog and screen savers with all of my 500 pictures as a Slide Show.

  20. Carolyn Gupton says

    Windows 8 is the most difficult system I’ve ever used. It stays messed up more than running properly. I have not talked to anyone that likes it. Why would you make it so difficult to use. Right now O am trying to install a Control Panel and cannot.

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