How To Open Start Screen Within Desktop [Must Read]

The Start screen is one of the most talked and best features of Windows 8. In the past, we have shown several ways and reviewed tens of utilities to customize the Start screen. Today, we are here to share an awesome tool that lets you fine tune the default behavior Start screen.

Start Screen Bottom

A section of Windows 8 users aren’t happy with the way Start screen works in Windows 8. Many users want to launch apps without leaving the desktop mode. And then there are users who want to open Start screen within the desktop area. Computer users who aren’t happy with the default behavior of Start screen can now download a free tool to change the default behavior of Start screen with a few mouse clicks.

Start Menu Modifier, developed by SVNO, is a free utility that lets you tweak the Start screen in a number of ways. Probably the best feature of Start Menu Modifier is that it lets you access the Start screen without leaving the desktop. That is, when you press the Windows the Start screen opens within the desktop. This tweak will help all those users who don’t like to switch to the Start screen to run an app.

Start Screen Modifier For Windows 8

With this tool, one can configure the Start screen to open at the top or bottom screen of the desktop. For instance, if you have selected the Start screen position as Top in Start Menu Modifier, you will see the Start screen on top part of your screen when you press the Windows logo key.

Open Start Screen Within Desktop

Another feature of this app is that you can configure the Start screen to always open in your primary or secondary monitor (on multi-monitor setup). This tool even lets you set a hotkey to quickly switch between the default position (full screen) or your custom position.

Start Screen In Desktop

We suggest you enable “Run at Windows Startup” option so that you don’t need to manually run the tool. An option is also available to revert to the original Start screen settings.

Start Menu Modifier works on both x86 and x64 versions of Windows 8. Users who are using third-party Start menu programs can now safely uninstall them and Start using the Start screen.

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