How To Optimize Firefox For Touch Screen In Windows 10

Mozilla added the multi-touch support to its Firefox browser first in version 4.0. Unlike Google Chrome browser, Firefox supports basic touch inputs in Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 8. But other than the basic touch inputs, there is not even a single option available to configure the browser for multi-touch displays.

Just like any other software out there for Windows, Firefox doesn’t offer much for multi-touch displays. Obviously, this will change with the release of Windows 10/8 OS. But if you are already running Windows 10/8 on a tablet or PC with multi-touch display, you may like to optimize your favourite Firefox browser for the touch display.

There are basically two good extensions available to optimize Firefox for touch. One is Page Flippers and the other one is Grab and Drag. Both extensions support the latest version of Firefox.

Page Flippers lets you read the web content just a like a book. It simply adds four side buttons to scroll pages with a click. By default it displays Previous button at the top left, Next at the bottom left, Top button at bottom right, and Next at bottom right of the web page. All four buttons can be customized to perform different actions. Options are available to personalize button appearance and button background color.

Firefox For Touch Screen

Optimize Firefox Touch Screen

The second extension is Grab and Drag. Grab and Drag enables Adobe Acrobat style grab and drag, flick gestures, and momentum scrolling in Mozilla Firefox browser. After installing this extension, you will need to configure the settings in Grab and Drag Startup Wizard.

Firefox For Touch Display

When Momentum option is enabled, releasing a page you’ve been dragging at a constant velocity will cause the page to continue moving at its current speed until clicked to stop.

Flicks are mouse gestures made by quickly flicking the pen or finger across the screen in a particular direction. With Flicks, you can easily scroll up, down, left, or right.

If you are running Firefox on Windows 10/8 tablet or PC with multi-touch display we suggest you try both these extensions to enhance your browsing experience.

How to enable touch screen support in Google Chrome browser guide may also interest you.

Download Grab and Drag

Download Page Flippers (the addon has been removed by its developer)


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