How To Pin Web Pages To Start Screen In Windows 8

While the new tiled Start screen is one of the most talked and controversial features of Windows 8 and has been successful in keeping many Windows 7 users from upgrading, users who know how to customize and use the Start screen probably agree that it’s one of the best features of Windows 8.

While majority of Windows 8 users know how to change Start screen background, change app tile icons, pin folders to the Start screen, and pin Chrome web apps to the Start screen, what many users not aware is that Windows 8 also lets users pin their favorite web pages to the Start screen, just like in Windows Phone.

Pin Web Pages To Start Screen In Windows 8

For instance, you can pin IntoWindows to your Start screen and then launch it in the default web browser with just a click. The option comes in handy especially for users who want to make most out of the beautiful Start screen.

Here is how to pin a web page to the Start screen in Windows 8:

Step 1: Open the new Internet Explorer browser (Metro or modern UI browser) and open the web page that you wish to pin to the Start screen.

Step 2: Next, press Windows + Z keys or swipe from the top or bottom edge of the screen on a touch screen to see the app command bar (address bar with options that appears at the bottom of the screen).

Pin Web Pages To Start Screen In Windows 8 Picture1

Step 3: Click or tap Pin to Start icon, enter a name for the web page, and finally click or tap Pin to Start button to pin the web page to the Start screen. Switch to Start screen to see the web page. Note that the web page tile appears at the end of the Start screen.

Pin Web Pages To Start Screen In Windows 8 Picture2

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