How To Repair Windows 7 System Files

Third-party programs, virus attacks, human error – there are many possible reasons behind a corrupted system file. If you are getting an error something like “file missing or corrupted” message on Windows, performing a system scan for corrupted or missing files is probably the best way to begin the troubleshooting.

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There are a couple of tools available to fix various issues of Windows but it’s hard to find out a good tool to troubleshoot and fix missing or corrupted system files.

Scanning your PC for corrupted and missing files is relatively simple in Windows 7. You just need to open elevated prompt and execute a command to scan and automatically fix corrupted or missing system files.

In this guide, we will show you how to repair Windows 7 system files without using any third-party tools.

NOTE: We also recommend you perform a complete scan of your PC using a good antivirus software to make sure that your PC isn’t infected in any way. If you have one or more previously created system restore points, restoring your PC to a previously created restore point might also fix the file corruption issue.

Step 1: Type command prompt in Start menu search box and then hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter to launch the Command Prompt with administrator rights. Alternatively, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, right-click on Command Prompt and then select Run as administrator option.

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Step 2: Click Yes if you are prompted with UAC (User Account Control) box.

Step 3: Once the Command Prompt opened, type sfc /scannow and hit enter. This command scans integrity of protected system files and then repairs if problems found.

repair windows 7 system files

Step 4: The process may take a few minutes. Once done, you are good to close the Command Prompt.

Repair system files

   Repair Windows 7 System Files

You can also type just sfc in the Command Prompt to know more about sfc commands.

Go through our 10 free tools to repair Windows 7 article to explore some of the best free software available to troubleshoot and fix various Windows issues.



  1. B says

    Running Windows 7 and Windows 10 update automatically loads on machine. Decline upgrade. Windows 7 cannot repair and recover (Auto Fail over). System scan indicates bad patch preventing restore. Stuck in an auto repair loop. Direction?

  2. john gibson says

    trying to run win.7 repair in command, keeps asking for admin. password which i have forgot, (got so many) how do i get around tid

  3. Pete Peters says

    I’ve been fairly persistent (since Feb. 2015) to get my computer to come back on. It’s June 2015 now. After “tricking” my computer to work. It was still hard headed, every command, prompt or program I tried to open ,it went directly to word pad. Seemed like it was taking over . I started to just shoot it ,put it and myself out of misery ,suck it up and buy a new PC. Ran across your tips and tools. Got to cmd exe. Page followed you instructions and presto… Didn’t have to shoot this poor little pc… BIG THANKS!!!! I’m sure my neighbors will think I’ve been cured of my…thanks again..

  4. Rickytick says

    Please reply by email

    I was on a site that turned the monitor pic sideways,It also blocked the Task Master,Windows security center,a few other apps and the automatic repair tool in windows 7. I’ve already tried AVG,super spyware and the recovery in Windows.

    Windows starts normal( used to) until it loads apps. Now as soon as the blue intro screen is finished loading it tilts sideways. I’ve spent more than 2 hours running different apps to even discover where or what it is..Can you help

    Ric betterly

  5. Antonio says

    Well I executed the steps thinking it would fix the problem with CD/DVD player not appearing – reading any cd that I insert. Nothings happens.

    Any additional suugestions would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Charlie says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I used this fix and it worked like magic. The files were detected and fixed and I can now surf again after TWO days of trying to fix my “error 711” message when I tried to connect!
    I had tried at least a dozen other fixes before, none of which worked!
    God bless whoever sent you!

  7. Jani Baba says

    Dear frnds is used this cmd it ran and it scanned upto 12% then it stopped then show the msg “windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation”

    Now how can i repair and what is next step, also my winows could not reinstall the office 2007/2003/2006, help required……….


  8. Arvids says

    It works, just seacrh for “cmd” in windows search panel and write in terminal above mentioned line.

  9. Hamed says

    My windows 7 problems … Please help me ?
    1: when notebook is start in the wilcome screen it take 1minute.
    2: it con’t take tv home media USB.
    3: one month ago it take this problem when i open some program it open by adobreader every program i fix it alite not complate from this time my windows 7 is not in good condition

  10. Brigitte says

    I did a system restore because my wireless printer(HP 6500Aplus) stopped working, I believe it may have been after maintenance with Advanced System Care 4 Pro. During recovery, a window from Stopzilla malware protection popped up and did something to the recovery process. When I rebooted, my customized desktop was gone and replaced with the WIN logo. All the icons are on the desktop but an owner installed program does not open anymore,the weather channel doesn’t load, icons cannot be fixed to the task bar and some functions in Word 2007 don’t work. I got the printer working again by using the product CD but it does not show up in”devices and printers” nor does the printer menu icon appear on the desktop.
    I did an other restore to no avail, everything is still the same.
    I’d appreciate any advice about what can be done short of uninstalling and reinstalling WIN7 which is what the local repair shop recommended, thanks.

  11. les says

    I lose all icons taskbar and start menu within seconds of starting
    file associations are all messed up in the registry
    tried going back to a restore point but doesnt have any effect


    many thnx in advance LES

  12. moussa says

    i have a problem with starting any file, they all have the same autoplay, how i returne them to their normal running???

  13. AnonyTechSupport says

    @Andre: can you open up task manager through ctrl+alt+delete? if so, you can troubleshoot from there. If you can’t even get past logon, boot to cmd prompt + safe mode or boot from the windows disk and repair in that command prompt.

    @Posters complaining about lack of admin access: Windows 7 does not natively start up command prompt in admin mode no matter what account you are logged into. Another way to open command prompt in admin mode is:

    1: hit the windows key/start button
    2: type cmd into the search bar
    3: right click cmd icon above once found and then click “run as administrator”.

    This will give the console admin rights and you should no longer get your error.

    @Neggy download a fresh install of the service pack, disable all antivirus and malware protection then try again. If that doesn’t work, you may need to use a 3rd party update tool. The one I’ve used for this is advanced system care free. While that’s the only other way I’ve found to get failed updates to install properly, it should be noted that the program can flag some valid programs as bad, i.e. IBM’s Client Access Express, at least an old version.

    You used to have to type in /purgecache before running this tool in winxp, possibly vista. This can be a good built in tool to run before you take your PC to the shop.

  14. Vietnam food says

    Thank you, but i want install new for Windows 7 but not change file systems ???

  15. Neggy Gregory says

    I have a problem right now, I’m using windows 7 home premium edition, and one day I try to update my windows and suddenly my OS get crash and the result is I can’t login nor enter the desktop.
    At the welcome screen, it said that “failure configuring service pack Reverting Changes”. Please, I need some help urgently. Thanks for your advice.

  16. Stew says

    I would like to thank the person who put this valuable info on this page. I couldn’t get windows media player to work on windows 7 of coarse now it works great. Maybe mine was a little problem to some but I like to hear tunes when I’m using my Gateway laptop. It’s been 2 weeks ago I tried this and haven’t had a single issue with my computer. Thanks Again.

  17. donrajah says

    whenever i start up windows 7 i get dis msg poppin up ms coree.dll has an error and when i close dat pop up another one pops up reading ”couldn’t find winllj32.rom do i remove dis problem and what is winllj32.rom.need help urgently plz

  18. Gabriel says

    I make my words the words of bob at #6.

    Nice info, man. Don’t listen to these morons.

    I’m running the sfc program right now. Didn’t knew about it.


  19. SIRIL says

    My Notebook is Compaq Presario CQ42-227TU. Installed Windows 7 32bit OS. The problem is, when i plug the headphone the sound is catching first to laptop speakers then only its catching to headphone. Not in all time. ” if i’m hearing a song and i paused it for 1 or 2 minutes. Play after this time, the sound is catching first to laptop speakers then only its catching to headphone”. Not only for musics, for video sounds, windows sounds all..I dont know what happen. I installed BIOS updates, sound driver updates all. But the problem is still contuning. I installed new version of winamp, after that this problem starting if my guess is right. I uninstall the winamp. But no joy. please help me..

  20. Dave says

    Not helpful at all – this guide was definitely only half done, doesn’t explain how to do anything.

  21. rikc34 says

    so another option to fix a non booting windows is this:

    put in your os cd, then go to the advanced recovery options

    select command promt

    type bootrec.exe

    this will tell you the options

    select appropriate option and reboot

  22. Gil says

    To Paul, if you haven’t figured this out already (I didn’t see an answer), just go to All Programs|Accessories then right click on Command Prompt. Select “Run as Administrator”. Saves creating a shortcut on the desktop (that works, too…just more steps that you don’t really need).

  23. Pams says

    I have a problem with my windows update, i ran SFC /scannow and i got a messege that some files are corrupt and could not be repaired. What do i do to repair these corrupt files?

  24. Paul says

    Hi I am trying to run sfc /scannow in win7 cmd but it says i need to be administrator to do this. Even though I am signed in as admin account. How can I get around this please? Thank you ever so much in advance 🙂

  25. Egi says

    Excuse me, would you please help me, i want to try way to repair windows 7 system files above, but how if cmd.exe also damage or even lost
    please give me the solution

  26. awais farooq says

    aslam u alikum
    i am using windows 7 build 7600.but now i am having a trouble that my flash drive is not working on my PC.when i attached flash drive to PC.then the icon appears but when i have to open it then an error is appeared like that “E:\ IS NOT ACCESSIBLE.ACCESS IS DENIED.

  27. bob says

    why dont you people stfu and just appreciate whatever the hell you are given

    i did not even know about this sfc thing in the first place, so i learnt something from it

    instead of bringing him down why dont you offer to help him improve the post azzwholes

  28. MrE says

    Wrong. You can get errors using sfc /scannow and not showing those errors, nor describing what to do if such an error occurs is unhelpful for those people who experience those errors.

  29. admin says

    You won’t see any other prompts during the repairing process. So you just need to follow steps in the above guide.

  30. smccfly says

    Ok, so you were going to show us how to fix issues with W7 using win os tools, got as far as SFC (great tool, isn’t it?) then what?…What are some problem mssgs that could show up in that screen? What would be the next steps?

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