How To Update Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) Offline

If you have already installed Microsoft Security Essentials final on one of your Windows machines that has no internet connection and looking for a way to update the virus definition updates, here is a quick and easy solution.

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Although Microsoft clearly states on the Microsoft Security Essentials system requirements page that an Internet connection is required for installation and to download the latest virus and spyware definitions, you can still update the MSE offline. Of course, you need a computer with Internet connection to download the offline updates!

Once you install MSE on a machine, it will try to update the virus and spyware definition. If the machine is not connected to the Internet, it will display “Microsoft Security Essentials wasn’t able to complete the virus and spyware definition updates. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet and try again” error.

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Update Microsoft Security Essentials Offline

Step 1: First you must know whether Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 is running in a 32-bit or a 64-bit operating environment. You can find it easily by opening system properties (use Windows + Pause/Break key to open system properties).

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Step 2: Next, download the offline definition updates for MSE from Microsoft:

Download for 32-bit

Download for 64-bit

Just save the file on a USB stick so that you can connect the USB stick to the offline machine and then update MSE.

Step 3: If you are on Windows 7/Vista, right-click on the downloaded file and select Run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password or click Continue. And if you are on XP, simply, double-click on the file and click OK.

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extracting files

Step 4: You will see file extraction dialog box for a while. After the file extraction dialog box closes, open MSE, and click Update to verify that the virus and spyware definitions have been updated.

microsoft security essentials after offline update

Step 5: You are done!



  1. Waheed Jan says

    How to update MS Security Essentials in Windows 7 32 Bit.??
    Please help in the subject matter i am tired of updating but it fails every time when i try for update.
    please help me and give me solution of this problem that i will easily get rid of it in future.


  2. James says

    Why the MSE 32 bit cannot work in the windows 7 arc gamer edition?? tell me if cannot work in this OS cause i want to reformat it again and i will install it into windows 7 not arc gamer edition.Please help me…

  3. haris says

    i downloaded 64-bit “mpam-fex64”

    but, the extraction is Failed..

    “File is Corupt”

    how to solve ma problem..

    please HELP

  4. bunnak says

    Oh,this provides those offline updates daily?

  5. Furnazz says

    Thanks, I download these for my teacher, who is hyper-cautious about connecting to the internet for fear of viruses.

  6. Sam says

    Very Useful, thank you very much for the information you provided and I am sure everyone is thankful for the effort that you out in… Cheers bro.

  7. don emma says

    i want to use yr product but it’s still given me problems why after installing it will tell me validated

  8. Pedro Mendes says

    Why windows security essential does not run on windows 2000 ?
    We have bought 10 licences for our pcs and now we can not use security essentials, this is not faire…

  9. Rajasekaran says

    I try to update windows security essential offline mode using that software i got one error message the message is mpam-fex64.exe is not a valid win32 application….please any one help me
    I am working windows7 64 bit os

  10. NEERAJ says

    mse offline update are the best solution for updates
    b coz if u dont have internet connection then u can download it from other computer and update ur antivirus
    nice site i always suggest this site for my friends for update
    nbl india

  11. R. Sapto says

    Thanks a lot for the link.. It help a lot..
    MSE is a better protection againts virus..
    Use genuine software.. Stop piracy..

  12. JOLEN says

    great!!! this really helps for offline computers who need virus protection and need to be updated

  13. Saakeman says

    Great work , I have a friend who does not have internet so i’ll just download the files for him

    I tried to get offline updates for other av’s but did not find
    Q: will this work if the program is a clean install , because you must update to run MSE ?

  14. n1z3r says

    You can’t install MSE without internet connection.. (remember it has to validate the windows!) and if you want to re-install the MSE then it is better to use the offline updates… ( and the pack contains most updates*)
    there is no problem if you downloaded them daily.. but it looks like waste of time..
    *pack contains the past updates also.. when you live update them they will download a CURRENT updates..

    any dobt mail me..

  15. Michael from Germany says

    Did you have an link to an orginal microsoft article for this offline update feature?

    thank you

  16. Chris says

    Thank you so much for this!

    Do you know if Microsoft provides those offline updates daily?

    I’ve been itching to test this out on my XP Desktop, which is my only Windows machine

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