How To Use A Video File As Screensaver In Windows?


We all use screensaver on our systems. Many folks even download cool screensavers to make their desktop more fancy. But, why to download these screensavers when you can create one yourself for free? Yes, you can create or use your own screensaver from a Video of any format.

As the title of the post says, we discuss two different ways in this guide.
1. Using Videos directly without creating a screensaver file.
2. Using Video file as screensaver after converting it to exe file.

1. Using Video file directly without creating a screensaver file: This is the simplest method as you need not to convert your video file into an executable file to use it as screensaver. In this method we use a small application named” Video Screensaver Maker” that allows us to use Video file as screensaver.

To start with this method, we need to download Video Screen Saver Maker software from here. Video Screen Saver Maker plays AVI, MPEG, WMV video files as a screensaver with random video support. That is, you can select a set of Video files to play as screensaver.
Advantages of Video Screensaver Maker:
– Create screensavers that have your own screensaver name.

– Ability to add a link button which opens directly to your website, driving more traffic to your site.

– Created screensavers run on all Windows systems.

– Add WMV, AVI, or even MPEG video types. You can even mix all 3 types.

– Add your own audio files which play while the videos play.

2. Using Videos as screensaver after converting a exe file:This is quite a long method compared to the previous method since we create a actual screensaver. Here, advantage is you can even distribute the video screensaver file among your friends and can be used on any Windows machine without using third-party application.

In this guide we have to use two free utilities, if you don’t have video files in FLV format. You can use a free converter like SuperVideo, that allows you convert any video files into FLV format. Once you have FLV format video, download and install another application called “InstantStorm”. InstantStorm utility creates Flash based screensavers with many advanced features. You can download it from here.

Install the downloaded InstantStorm installer file and start it up. Just input the file you want to use as Screensaver by hitting the browse button and navigating to your FLV file. It will you give you an executable file, which when opened becomes the video screensaver of your Windows machine.



  1. Xander says

    I don’t know if the InstantStorm screensaver maker is also full of trojans, but it also installed some extra stuff and changed all my homepages, search bars, etc when I really didn’t want it to. Also, only appears to work with SWF not FLV videos. NOT RECOMMENDED.

  2. thegunslinger says

    Yes! It absolutely works. I used the longer method on my Windows 7 x64 machine and, once I figured a way around a few glitches, it worked perfectly. No trojans, no trials, and all free. Screw those cheesy animated aquarium screensavers that cost $20. I now have an HD vid of a real tropical aquarium for mine. This tut is lacking and down right wrong in one instance. Just think your way through it and I guarantee it will work. Maybe I’ll make my own tut.

  3. fred n says

    that screensaver maker is trial software bullshit. You cant even use the screen saver with out paying them or clicking something each time

  4. Shriram N says

    I tried Video Screensaver Maker, I get the error msg “cannot find vids:mp43 decompressor”.What do I do?Is there a size limit on the file that can be used?Ur help will be much appreciated.

  5. Doug Pederson says

    I have been doing mpg for years and using Spectate Swamp search to play them back as a screen saver. Random makes it interesting and random sampling from within a video clip even more so. Slow motion and freeze frame slow down the action.

    It has wmv and avi capabilities but not to the extent as with mpg

    I have even used it for large font scrolling text questions, as a screen saver. Political questions playing in a store front. Putting heat on politicians.

    Video this way is easy and fun.

  6. Paul says

    Hi, I just followed your advise and links to software required for the topic mentioned, I should point out to you that the video converter to FLV files is full of Trojons.
    Not nice

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