How To Use EasyBCD Tool To Create A Bootable Windows 10/7 USB Drive

EasyBCD is one of the very helpful utilities out there for Windows operating system. EasyBCD is well-known for its ability to add, remove, and edit boot entries. Most of Windows users don’t know that fact that this free tool even lets you create bootable Windows USB drive with a few clicks.

While there are plenty of tools out there like the popular Rufus to create bootable Windows USB and it’s possible to create the bootable USB via the native Command Prompt, if already have installed EasyBCD on your Windows 10/8/7 PC, you can use the same to prepare the bootable USB with ease.

Follow given below directions to prepare bootable Windows 10/8/7 USB using EasyBCD software.

Create bootable Windows 10/7 USB in EasyBCD

Step 1: Start off by installing the EasyBCD utility on your machine. If you haven’t already downloaded it, get it here.

Step 2: Next, connect the USB flash drive to your PC, remove all data from the drive, and then format the drive in FAT 32 file system (to format, right-click on the USB drive and select Format option and then select file system as FAT32).

Create Bootable USB Flash Drive Using EasyBCD step

Step 3: Run EasyBCD and click Bootloader Setup button present in the left side.

Create Bootable USB Flash Drive Using EasyBCD

Step 4: Here, under Create Bootable External Media box, select the USB drive that you want to make as a bootable drive.

Create Bootable USB Flash Drive Using EasyBCD step1

Step 5: Next, click Install BCD button and wait for while to see the following dialog-box.

Create Bootable USB Flash Drive Using EasyBCD step3

Simply click Yes button. Close EasyBCD tool, and insert your Windows 10/7 DVD into the drive.

Step 6: Copy all files from your Windows 10/7 installation DVD to the USB flash drive. If you have an ISO file, you can use 7-Zip tool to extract the ISO contents to the USB drive.

Step 7: Your bootable Windows 10/7 USB flash drive is ready. You can now use the USB drive to install Windows 10/7 from USB.

Please note that you can’t use this tool to create a XP bootable drive.

Tip: With the help of EasyBCD, you can also create bootable Windows USB without formatting the drive.



  1. Lzorn says

    I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally selected my C: drive (where Windows is installed) and his ‘Install BCD’. When it asked me if I wanted to automatically load the newly created BCD store, I said ‘no’ thinking that it would negate what I had done accidentally.

    But now Windows will not load. It gets me to a screen of the Windows Boot Manager that says there is no OS loaded in my BCD file (or something to that effect). Putting in the installation disk and using the repair option does not work. Is there something else I can do to fix this?

  2. mo mo says

    this tool is perfect because I does the job in windows and doesnt format the partition! well i think its more reasonable to name it “BCD Deployment” because lots of times I connect a SATA hdd to my cmoputer to fix bcd issues!
    and for xp i think easybcd let you write the MBR and you have to put 3 files:, ntldr and boot.ini (customized for your hdd) and its just for normal sata drives and for boot xp from usb you have to modify your os

  3. admin says

    @ Actionjksn
    Yup. There are many free tools. We just wanted to show one more use of EasyBCD. Btw, the name of the tool that you mentioned is Windows 7 USB/DVD tool.

  4. admin says

    Agree with you. Neosoft need to do something to make sure that the end user gets the full benefit of this tool. At least, they can provide a good How to use EasyBCD tool on their site.

  5. actionjksn says

    Microsoft also has a free tool for doing this, and bootable DVDs It’s very easy, I have used it many times. I can’t remember the name of it

  6. actionjksn says

    I have an old EEE netbook, with a bad drive. Can I use this to install Windows 7 on a flash drive? I want to use a USB flash drive for my hard drive. I know it won’t last very long, and it would be slow. I just want to get a few months out of it. I have tried to figure out how to do it, but so far no luck. Any advise would be appreciated.

  7. Techland says

    I fully agree that many users don’t know what this tool can do as Neosoft failed to label its functions in an understandable and ‘intuitive’ way. This tip is a good example: the button ‘Bootloader setup’ leads to the functionality ‘Create Bootable External Media’. Higly misleading and confusing…

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