How To Name Groups On Start Screen In Windows 8

Along with many other small features, Microsoft has dropped the good old Start menu from Windows 8 and has introduced Start screen as replacement. While users can always install third-party programs such as Classic Shell & ViStart to get the Start menu back, the Start screen works much better than these Start menu programs.

The all new Start screen is superior to Start menu in many ways. The Start screen includes almost all the features of Start menu plus some cool features to help you quickly access your folders and programs.

It provides information about your Facebook, email, calendar, weather, and stocks in real time. On top of that, unlike Start menu, Start screen is highly customizable. You can change the background color, pin web pages, pin web apps, and set your own custom picture as background .

Name Groups On Start Screen In Windows 8

While most users are aware of the options available in Windows 8 to customize the Start screen, there is one feature many users aren’t aware of. The Start screen lets you group apps and name the group! Yes, you can group your favorites apps and name the group. For instance, you can place Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in a group and then name the group as Office apps.

Complete the below mentioned instructions to create a group of apps on Start screen and then name the group.

Step 1: Switch to the Start screen.

Step 2: Move the move cursor the bottom right-hard corner and then click the small icon to see all tiles and shortcuts on the Start screen.

Name app group

Step 3: Now right-click on a group of app tiles that you want to name. This will bring up the command bar and Name group option.

Name Start Screen Groups In Windows 8

Step 4: Click Name group, enter a name for the group, and finally click Name button to save the name and group. You are done!

Name Start Screen Groups In Windows 8 Picture2

Name Start Screen Groups In Windows 8 Picture3


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