How To Disable CCleaner Active Monitoring In Windows


Sometime back, with version 4.1x, Piriform introduced active monitoring feature in its popular product CCleaner. The active monitoring feature continuously runs in the background and displays notifications on the screen. With default settings, active monitoring system sends out notifications when cleaning junk files can save more than 500 MB. While this limit can be changed […]

How To Make 7-Zip Faster


A while back, a reader asked us to suggest a way to speed up 7-Zip software. The reader wanted to know if there is a way to compress files faster with the popular 7-Zip software. As we all know, 7-Zip is one of the best file compression utilities out there. Although not all users like […]

How To Run Control Panel As Administrator In Windows


Before this, we have written a number of guides on taking ownership of files and running programs as administrator. Recently, while moderating comments, I noticed that there are plenty of users out there who would like to run Control Panel as administrator. To start with, Windows doesn’t let you run Control Panel as administrator. This […]

How To Completely Disable KMPlayer Games And Ads


KMPlayer is a popular media player available for Windows operating system. Although it’s not as powerful and popular as VLC Media Player, it’s certainly one of the best free media playing software out there for Windows. Those of you who have installed recent versions of KMPlayer probably have noticed ads and games that appear when […]

Fix: “Burn Disc Image” Option Missing From Context Menu


The ability to burn ISO files right from Windows Explorer without the help of third-party tools was first introduced with Windows 7. Windows 8, in addition to ISO burning feature, lets users mount ISO image files with a click. In Windows 7 and Windows 8, with default settings, Burn disc image option appears at the […]

How To Customize VLC Player Keyboard Shortcuts


More often than not, I use GOM Player to watch movies on my desktop computer for a variety of reasons. That said, at times, I do use the very popular VLC Media Player when GOM Player doesn’t support the video format that I want to play. As you likely know, both GOM and VLC offer […]

How To Disable Subtitles By Default In VLC Media Player


It’s a common practice to watch movies with subtitles while watching foreign language movies. Majority of the video playback software out there support subtitle feature out of the box, without the help of third-party software or extensions. Just like other video playback software, the popular VLC Media Player also supports subtitles. While watching a video, […]

How To Run MSI File As Administrator From Command Prompt In Windows


In Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and the latest Windows 10, when you right-click on an executable (.exe) file, Run as administrator option appears in the context menu along with many other common options. The Run as admin option appears for both installed applications as well as executable of setup files. As you likely […]

Guide To Prepare Bootable USB Of Mac OS X On Windows PC


About a month ago, we talked about creating bootable USB of Mac OS X on a Mac with the help of a free app called DiskMaker X. The app is very easy-to-use and is updated to support the newest version of Mac OS X. Even though it’s always a good idea to prepare Mac OS […]

How To Install VLC Extensions In Windows


In our previous article, we talked about forcing VLC media player to remember last played position of video files with the help of extensions. While testing those extensions, I found that installing extensions in VLC is not as easy as installing extensions in web browsers. In Firefox and Chrome, searching for available extensions and install […]