File Explorer Icon Missing From Start Menu In Windows 10


With default settings, Windows 10 displays File Explorer icon in the lower left side of the Start menu as well as in the taskbar so that users can quickly launch File Explorer. While File Explorer opens to Quick Access by default, you can configure the File Explorer open to This PC. In Windows 10 and […]

Fix: Windows 10 Not Remembering Wi-Fi Password


I have a four-year-old HP laptop. I recently upgraded the laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10 by using the free upgrade offer without any issues. After upgrading to Windows 10, I manually installed all device drivers downloaded from the HP website. While Windows 10 is running fine without any issues, it’s not remembering my […]

Fix: Settings Missing From Start Menu In Windows 10


The Settings app is the new Control Panel in Windows 10. Most of the settings and options from the old Control Panel have been moved to Settings app, and Microsoft plans to discontinue the old Control Panel once all settings and options are moved to Settings app. There are a couple of ways out there […]

Fix: Incorrect Date and Time In Windows 10


With default settings, Windows 10, like previous Windows versions, displays date and time on the right-side of the taskbar. Clicking the date and time reveals the clock and calendar flyout. This morning I noticed that the clock in Windows 10’s taskbar was showing incorrect time. At first, I thought the incorrect time is because of […]

How To Open Taskbar Settings In Windows 10


In Windows 8.1 and previous versions, the taskbar and Start menu settings would appear under Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog. With Windows 10, Microsoft moved the Start menu settings to the new Settings app. With Windows 10 anniversary update, scheduled for release in July 2016, Microsoft is planning to move the taskbar settings to […]

Turn Off Colored Tabs And Address Bar In Vivaldi Browser


Vivaldi is the new kid in the browser market. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, the new browser from former CEO of Opera is one of the most feature-rich web browsers out there for computers. Adaptive interface color is one of the key features of Vivaldi browser. The adaptive interface color feature automatically changes Vivaldi’s […]

Enable Or Disable Adobe Flash Player In Vivaldi Browser


In our previous article, we discussed about installing Adobe Flash Player for the new Vivaldi browser. One of our user, who is impressed with Vivaldi browser’s capabilities, asked us if it’s possible to disable Adobe Flash Player in Vivaldi when not required. Well, if you’re wondering why disable Flash Player after installing the same, the […]

How To Install Adobe Flash For Vivaldi Browser


Adobe Flash is usually used by websites to display multimedia content such as animations, games, videos and graphics. While many websites have moved to the more advanced HTML 5, at times, you come across webpages that require Adobe Flash installed. While browsing the web in your Vivaldi browser, if you come across a webpage that […]

How To Pin & Unpin Tabs In Microsoft Edge In Windows 10


If you’re a power user, you likely open tens of tabs in your web browser. And if you often open multiple of tabs and find it difficult to manage tabs, you must try out tab pinning feature. Tab pinning is a handy feature available in most of the popular web browsers including Firefox and Chrome […]

Easy Way To Change The Default Download Folder In Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge, the replacement for Internet Explorer, is one of the prominent new features introduced with Windows 10. While the Edge browser is faster than popular web browsers in many areas, the new browser from Microsoft lacks many important options and settings. Those of you who have been using Edge as the primary browser and […]