AccuWeather: Good Metro Weather App For Windows 8

Windows 8 ships with handful of cool Metro-style apps such as mail, people, messaging, weather, music, and maps. Most of you probably have used the default weather app. The weather app is pretty good and provides hourly forecast information and also historical weather info with some cool animations and charts.

AccuWeather for Windows 8 is a free metro-style weather app with support for more than 2.7 million locations worldwide. Compatible with x86, x64, and ARM processors this app provides current weather conditions and a snapshot of forecasted conditions for next 24 hours and next 15 days.

AccuWeather for Windows 8

Powered by, this app gives you detailed weather information such as highest and lowest temperature, humidity percentages, wind speed, wind direction, sunrise and sunset time, visibility, and UV index.

AccuWeather has live tile support but it may not work by default. To pin a location to the Start screen to get live information, right-click on anywhere on the app and then click Pin to Start to see live tile in action on the Start screen. And the best thing is you can pin one or more locations to the Start screen.


Installing and setting up the app is extremely simple. Visit the store, search the store (see how to search Windows 8 store) for AccuWeather and install the app (see how to install Metro apps).

Once installed, look for AccuWeather tile on the Start screen and click or tap on the tile to launch the app. Accept the license agreement by clicking or tapping agree button and then tap or click on the search button to search for your location and then select the right location from the search result to complete the setup.

To add a new location, right-click (see how to right-click on touch screen) anywhere on the app, click My Locations, and then click or tap Add button.

AccuWeather Page On Windows 8 Store



  1. admin says

    @ Tariq

    Sorry, there is no working methods available to download and install Metro app on a non Windows 8 PC.

    @ Techland

    Thanks for the comment and your opinion on AccuWeather. I used it for a day and it looked like a good one. Will test the app for a week to see how good and accurate it is.

  2. Techland says

    I had tried Accuweather on my iPad. Living in Thailand I found it both to be extremely wrong and inacurate. Some others were not better. I use Weather Pro now, which works absolutely great. Now I don’t know if WP is available for Windows 8 and its Metro shit, just wanted to point out that Accuweather seems not to be as useful as this article says..

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