Keyboard Shortcut To Quickly Switch To Apps View (All Apps View) In Windows 8.1

The Start screen in Windows 8 was one of the most controversial and least liked features of the operating system. In its attempt to make the Start screen more attractive and make users fall in love with the Start menu replacement, Microsoft has enhanced the Start screen in Windows 8.1 with a number of new features and enhancements.

Windows 81 logo

In addition to new tile sizes, option to set desktop background as Start screen background, and other personalization options, Microsoft has also introduced a new feature called Apps view or Apps screen in Windows 8.1.

The Apps view in Windows 8.1 shows all installed apps and desktop programs. When you install a new app or desktop program, the shortcut of the app or program appear in Apps view by default, and you can pin your favourite apps to the Start screen from here. Apps View not only helps you quickly search for apps but also helps you keep your Start screen clutter-free and organized.

Apps View keyboard Shortcut In Windows 8.1

As you probably know, in order to access Apps view, one needs switch to the Start screen first by pressing the Windows logo key or clicking Start button, and then click the Down arrow icon that appears when you move the mouse cursor to the lower-left of the Start screen. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a keyboard shortcut to quickly switch to the Apps view in Windows 8.1?

While it’s possible to configure Windows 8.1 to switch to the Apps screen when you click on the Start button on the taskbar or when you press Windows logo key on the keyboard, users who use both Start screen as well as Apps view might prefer to have a keyboard shortcut to switch to the new Apps view.

Thankfully, there is a keyboard shortcut to reveal the Apps view or Apps screen in Windows 8.1. Well, the keyboard shortcut to quickly switch to the Apps screen is Ctrl + Tab. Yes, when you on the Start screen, simply press Ctrl + Tab hotkey to see the Apps view, and then press Ctrl + Tab hotkey again to revert to the Start. That is, when you in desktop environment, you need to press Windows logo key first and then press Ctrl + Tab hotkey to see Apps view.

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  1. Cheryl says

    Thanks, windows 8, you swipe the bottom of the start screen, click on all apps but, it was not there. Now I know how in 8.1.

  2. Roci says

    Super helpful post! I’ve just switched to Windows 8.1 preview from Windows 7, and I’ve been banging my head trying to figure out an easy way to show all of the apps.

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