How To Enable or Disable Shadows For Texts On Desktop In Windows


The other day, after configuring Windows to show all icons on the desktop by right-clicking on the desktop, clicking View and then clicking Show desktop icons option, I noticed that Windows wasn’t using drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop. As you know, with default settings, shadows appear under texts on the desktop. The [...]

Generate And Download Unattend.XML Windows File Online


Creating an unattended copy of Windows setup has many benefits. First of all, you can quickly install Windows as you don’t need to input or configure anything during the installation. Second, since you have already included the product key in the Windows setup, you don’t need to remember or save the product key. As you [...]

How To Turn Off Touchpad When Mouse Is Connected In Windows 7/8.1

Earlier this year, I talked about configuring Mac OS X to automatically disable the trackpad when a mouse is connected to the MacBook. This feature comes in handy for those users who always use a mouse and don’t want to use the built-in trackpad after connecting the mouse. In Windows operating system, a graphical option [...]

Fastest Way To Close All Programs and Windows Using Alt + F4 Key (Video Guide)


What’s the fastest way to close running apps and open windows in Windows? Moving mouse over the caption buttons and clicking on the Close button is the traditional way of closing running programs and open windows in Windows operating system. Users who are a little more familiar with Windows and keyboard shortcuts prefer using Alt [...]

How To Convert HFS+ Drive To NTFS Without Data Loss


If you own a PC as well as a Mac, chances are high that you often transfer files between these computers. While there are plenty of ways, including many online services and third-party tools, to share files between Windows and Mac OS X, transferring files between these computers using a flash drive isn’t as easy [...]

Two Ways To Create Windows 7 Live USB Drive


Gone are the days of installing Windows from DVD drives. These days, most PC users use USB flash drives to clean-install Windows operating system and many of them even prefer creating live Windows USB drives. Installing Windows on a USB flash drive has many benefits. The major benefit is that you can connect the live [...]

Three Ways To Know Motherboard Model Number


Most PC users re-install Windows operating system twice or at least once in a year for a number of reasons. One of the first and must do things after installing or re-installing a version of Windows is to install all necessary hardware drivers (see how to know driver version). And in order to get some [...]

3 Ways To Disable Touchpad In Windows


Touchpads have been around for more than a decade but the fact is most of the laptops that ship with Windows don’t offer great touchpad experience. Only a handful number of Windows laptops ship with good quality touchpads. It’s because of this reason, most users plug in a mouse while using a laptop for productive [...]