Fix: “We Were Unable To Copy Your Files. Please Check Your USB Device And The Selected ISO File” Error In Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool


Earlier this week, I installed Windows 7 on my laptop in dual boot with Windows 8.1. While preparing the bootable USB of Windows 7 using Microsoft USB/DVD Download Tool, I got “We were unable to copy your files. Please check your USB device and the selected ISO file and try again” error. More often than […]

How To Disable Alt+Tab Preview In Windows 7


Alt+Tab is a handy feature exist in all recent versions of Windows operating system. The feature, as most of us know, lets users quickly switch between running applications without having to click the application icon on the taskbar. With default settings, in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions (where Aero is turned […]

Turn Aero Glass Off Automatically When On Battery In Windows 7


Turning Aero glass transparency off is one of the easiest ways to extend the battery life of a notebook or netbook running Windows 7. Turning Aero transparency is also fairly simple in Windows 7. You just need to open the Personalization panel (by right-clicking on desktop and then clicking Personalize option), click Window color and […]

How To Disable Built-In WebCamera In Windows


Over the past week, many technology news sites reported about a website streaming from thousands of IP cameras. The incident made many PC users think of disabling web cameras on their desktops, notebooks and tablets when not being used. Even though the above incident happened because many users didn’t care to change the default passwords […]

How To Disable The Snap View Feature In Windows 8.1


Aero Snap, Aero Peek and Aero Shake are the three nice features introduced first with Windows 7 operating system. The Snap feature, which is present in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 as well, allows you work on two programs side-by-side by showing two windows side-by-side on the same screen. The beauty of Snap feature is […]

How To Enable or Disable Shadows For Texts On Desktop In Windows


The other day, after configuring Windows to show all icons on the desktop by right-clicking on the desktop, clicking View and then clicking Show desktop icons option, I noticed that Windows wasn’t using drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop. As you know, with default settings, shadows appear under texts on the desktop. The […]

Generate And Download Unattend.XML Windows File Online


Creating an unattended copy of Windows setup has many benefits. First of all, you can quickly install Windows as you don’t need to input or configure anything during the installation. Second, since you have already included the product key in the Windows setup, you don’t need to remember or save the product key. As you […]

How To Turn Off Touchpad When Mouse Is Connected In Windows 7/8.1

Earlier this year, I talked about configuring Mac OS X to automatically disable the trackpad when a mouse is connected to the MacBook. This feature comes in handy for those users who always use a mouse and don’t want to use the built-in trackpad after connecting the mouse. In Windows operating system, a graphical option […]