Boot UI Tuner: Customize Boot Screen And Boot Menu In Windows 8

Microsoft has changed the look and feel of boot manager in Windows 8 by replacing the old boot manager with a new GUI based boot manager which not only supports mouse input and but also touch. The new boot manager looks much better and lets you access various boot related options and advanced features such as Refresh PC and Reset PC right from the boot menu.

Customize Boot Screen In Windows 8

Not too long ago, we featured a tool named Switch Boot to enable/disable the new GUI boot menu in Windows 8. We also walked you through the steps you need to perform in order to manually enable Windows 7-style boot menu in Windows 8 without having to use third-party tools.

Our friend at WinAero has just released a free tool named Boot UI Tuner to customize the default GUI boot menu in Windows 8. With Boot UI Tuner one could easily enable advanced options of boot menu, enable editing of boot options, disable the default blue colored Windows logo that appears on the boot screen, disable the message and loading circle that appear on the boot screen, and also enable legacy boot menu (Windows 7-style).

Customize Windows 8 Boot Screen

When Advanced Boot options feature is enabled, you will see enable debugging, enable boot logging, enable low resolution video, enable safe mode, enable safe mode with networking, enable safe mode with Command Prompt, disable drive signature enforcement, disable early launch anti-malware protection and disable automatic restart after failure options just before the boot menu.

Customize Boot Screen And Boot Menu

Customize Boot Screen And Boot Menu In Windows 8

Boot UI Tuner is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8 systems. Please note that you can’t use run this tool on Windows 7 to enable GUI boot manager.

An option is also present to reset all settings to their defaults. We recommend you create a system restore point before using this advanced tool. Visit the download page to start downloading your copy of Boot UI Tuner. A video of Boot UI Tuner in action is also available on the download page. Go through the video guide to see how powerful and useful this tool is.

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