Make The Charms Bar Less Annoying In Windows 8.1 By Partially Disabling It

Charms bar is one of the new features introduced with Windows 8 and lets you quickly access search, settings, devices and share charms. The Charms bar can be revealed in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 by moving the mouse cursor to the upper or lower-right corner of the screen or by simultaneously pressing Windows logo and C keys. Touch screen users can access the same by swiping-in from the right edge of the screen.

Disable The Sidebar In Windows 8.1

Ever since the release of Windows 8.1, a number of blogs have covered how to disable the Charms bar in Windows 8.1 without using third-party tools. All guides out there suggest you right-click on the Taskbar, click Properties, switch to Navigation tab, and then uncheck the option titled When I point to the upper-right corner, show the charms. Some blogs suggest you uncheck the same option in PC settings to disable the Charms bar.

The truth is that one can’t completely disable the Charms bar by unchecking the above mentioned option in Taskbar and Navigation Properties or in PC settings. In other words, the option helps you partially disable the Charms bar, as you can still reveal the Charms bar by pointing the mouse cursor to the lower-right corner of the screen.

Disable side bar

In order to completely disable the Charms bar in Windows 8.1, you have to use free tools such as Metro Killer, Skip Metro Suite or Classic Shell software. Wouldn’t it be cool if it was possible to prevent Windows 8.1 from showing the Charms bar when you point mouse pointer to the lower or upper-right corner of the screen and make is less annoying?

Yes, it’s possible to restrict Charms bar from appearing when you move mouse pointer to the top or bottom-right corner of the screen. Complete the below mentioned instructions to make the Charms bar less annoying in Windows 8.1.

Step 1: Open Run dialog box by simultaneously pressing Windows + R keys. In the box, type Regedit.exe and then press Enter key to open Registry Editor. Click Yes button when you see the UAC box.

Disable Sidebar In Windows 8.1 Step2

Step 2: In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following key:


Step 3: On the right-side, create a new DWORD (32-bit) value, rename it as DisableCharmsHint and then change its value from the default 0 (zero) to 1 (one).

Disable Sidebar In Windows 8.1 Step3

Disable Sidebar In Windows 8.1 Step4

Disable Sidebar In Windows 8.1 Step6

Step 4: Close Registry Editor, sign-out and then sign-in again to apply the tweak. That’s it!

From here on, Windows won’t show you the Charms bar when you move the mouse pointer to the upper or lower right-corner of the screen. However, you can still access the Charms bar by either moving the mouse pointer from the top-right corner to the bottom right-corner (or vice versa) or pressing Windows + C keys.

And if you would like to completely disable the Charms bar, use Skip Metro Suite.



  1. Nick says

    Blew away win8 from my PC installed Linux destros. I am currently running few different Linux Distros on my HP laptop. I ABSOLUTELY love it. I did not know the control and customization Linux allows. That is some innovation and creativity NOT this windows crap. I was so frustrated by these tiny annoyances in Win8 I decided to blow it away-best decision ever. Now I have windows 8 on my work PC (this). I wish I was allowed to replace win8 with Linux. The Linux community is so big and support it’s amazing! I download updates almost every week and it makes my PC look and perform better after each update. The number of free apps available is just perfect if you want to do serious work and not just check your emails. I was living in the dark with Win8 on my PC. Thanks for having these annoying things in your OS Microsoft. Some of us have found better OS.

  2. Derek Frost says

    When are you supposed IT “geniuses” going to come up with a simple way of either deleting, uninstalling or even just disabling this stupid bloody thing you call a wonderful addition to Windows 8.1 i.e. THE BLOODY SIDEBAR AND ALL OF IT’S CHARMS!!!!!!!”? Your solution to the problem is fine as long as the people who are trying to use it are totally familiar with computers, software and all the rest of the jargon etc that your geniuses use ALL DAY EVERY DAY. What about John Does like me who use their PCs mostly for hobbies like genealogy or for material relevant to a residents’ association. We pay a small bloody fortune for something that continually spews crap at us interrupting EVERY train of thought or line of research. How many frigging times a day does some grossly overpaid moron at Microsoft think that people need to be told the time and date or to be reminded that the PC is loaded with a load of useless crap that NOBODY would ever think of using for any reason what so ever. NO I DON’T WANT Windows 10!! I’m even considering going back to either Windows 7 or even Vista both of which would lick the arse off this load of shit!! When the momentous possibility of sending humans to Mars is becoming ever nearer with all the software that that must entail; is it too much to ask or even hope for that some IT Microsoft wonder boy could perhaps find a way of letting us just hit the bloody delete key and be rid of this dross for ever????????????

  3. Jackie McIntyre says

    I am older and not up on all this. I use Windows 7 and there is this postcard slide show on bottom of screen. Scenic pictures. Takes up a good inch or more. I am thinking it is Att/Yahoo since it only happens when I am on line. Any Ideas

  4. David Cooper says

    Thanks to post no 4 (Admin) for posting a link above to this page – that really helps. I too find Windows 8 to be unusable for serious work because this ridiculous charms menu keeps coming in and flinging me away from my work into the Metro zone every time I try to move the cursor with the trackpad and accidentally start to near to the right side of it. It makes me want to throw the machine at the wall. Why do you want your customers to feel like that?

  5. jacky says

    can you help. yes, I know this used and work. mouse can’t to slider chamrs bar but I used my hand to put it the charms bar has the same. now can you help me what to do the stop the charms bar open. many thx.

  6. Thistle says

    I’m sorry, but in Win8.1, NONE of these options completely kill the charms bar. I barely have to move my mouse slightly to the left of center, or tap in the scrollbar anywhere, and this annoying feature covers up and interrupts my work over and over and over and over like some juvenile older brother putting his hand over your homework every five second. What moron at Microsoft thought THIS would be a great application for an OS that they consistently show going from work at the office to “play” at home?? I’m imagining the nightmare of loss in office productivity from this ridiculous and unnecessary “tool.” (Tools are supposed to useful.) The stress levels alone (I’m currently at DEFCON1) would seem to drive down office harmony/productivity.

    Here’s a hint: Microsoft designers could have put it on the LEFT side and kept the majority of us (right-handed people) from being constantly interrupted by this piece of junk.

    CHARMS bar? Now there’s a misnomer if I’ve ever seen one. Nothing is charming about this rubbish (mal)function.

  7. Rob says

    Windows 8 the biggest heap of s*** ever since Windows 95 ME, whoever dreamed up Charms bar needs to be dismissed or moved to a department of the company which creates software for children, fortunately Microsoft have listened to their customers with the release of Windows 8.1
    Maybe they can listen more to their customers and release a version which doesn’t have these annoying Charms Bars
    and resembles the front end we are all used to using.
    Unfortunately this operating system was pre-installed on my new laptop, if I’d purchased it as a stand alone product I’d have returned it for a full credit by now!!!

  8. Real Computer User says

    I am about to throw my laptop because of this stupid charm shit! All I want is a computer that I can use my design software and not have to deal with this pesky sidebar charm crap!!! Quite making OS that is for teenage girls that fakebook and twitter all dam day!!!!

  9. Bean says

    Worked brilliantly once I disabled the charms in the top corner first. Now it only comes up when I swipe from bottom right corner to top right corner. Thanks!

  10. Steve says

    Doesn’t work in 8.1, they’ve moved the EdgeUI key to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows – however the DisableCharmsHint DWORD value doesn’t work.

  11. Ray says

    Didn’t work. My Regedit.exe didn’t match the directions beyond immersiveshell edgeUI didn’t exist?

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