How To Enable Two Finger Scrolling In Windows 10/8.1

PC users who also own Apple MacBook or iMac with Magic Trackpad probably aware of the default two finger scrolling feature of Mac. That is, while using Mac, user needs to use two fingers to vertically or horizontally scroll a webpage or window.

Two Finger Scrolling In Windows 8 Step7

Users who own both Mac as well as PC, and constantly need to switch between these computers might want to enable two-finger scrolling feature on Windows as well to avoid confusion. While users who’ve installed Windows 10/8.1 on Mac get this feature by default, other PC users can enable the feature by either changing the default touchpad gesture settings or installing a third-party tool.

Unfortunately, two-finger scrolling isn’t supported by all touchpad manufactures. In fact very few of them support this feature at this moment. And the biggest problem is, that there is no software available to get the feature if the touchpad manufacturer itself doesn’t support it.

Thankfully, Synaptics, the popular touchpad manufacturer, supports two finger scroll out of the box but it’s disabled by default.

In simple words, you can enable two finger scrolling only if your PC is equipped with a touchpad manufactured by Synaptics. Follow the below mentioned instructions to enable two finger scrolling on Windows 10/8.1 PCs equipped with Synaptics touchpad.

Method 1 – turn on two finger scrolling for Synaptics touchpad

Method 2 – enable two finger scrolling using third-party software

Method 1: Enabling two finger scrolling without using third-party tool.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to enable two-finger scroll on a Windows 10/8.1 notebook or netbook with Synaptics touchpad:

Step 1: Start the procedure by updating your Synaptics driver to the latest version. If the Synaptics touchpad driver isn’t installed, please visit this page, download the driver (it’s around 110 MB) and install it. You might be asked to restart your PC to complete the driver installation.

Step 2: Once installed, switch to the Start screen, type Change Mouse Settings, change the Search filter to Settings (see the below picture) to see the Mouse settings entry in search result, and then press enter key to open Mouse Properties dialog.

Two Finger Scrolling In Windows 8 Step1

Two Finger Scrolling In Windows 8 Step2

Step 3: Here, switch to the Device Settings tab. Please note that Device Settings tab appears only if the touchpad driver is installed on your PC.

Step 4: Under Devices, select Synaptics TouchPad and then click Settings to open Properties for Synaptics TouchPad.

Two Finger Scrolling In Windows 8 Step3

Step 5: On the left-side, expand MultiFinger Gestures, check Two-Finger Scrolling option and then click Apply button. That’s it!

Two Finger Scrolling In Windows 8 Step4

NOTE: To change the default behaviour of two-finger scrolling, select Two-Finger Scrolling option and then click the Settings icon next to it.

Two Finger Scrolling In Windows 8 Step5

Method 2: Enabling two finger scrolling with the help of a third-party tool.

Step 1: Download the zip file of Two Finger Scroll tool from here. It’s compatible both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Step 2: Extract the zip file onto the desktop or any other location.

Step 3: Double-click on TwoFingerScroll.exe file to run the application. That’s it!

NOTE: With default settings, Two Finger Scroll doesn’t start with Windows and you need it enable the option under Two Finger Scroll settings (right-click on the Two Finger Scroll icon in the system tray) to avoid manually launching the tool.


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