Fix: Downloads Folder Opens Slowly In Windows 10

The Downloads folder is the default download location for items downloaded using all web browsers in Windows 10. That is, when you download a file from the web using one of the browsers, the file is automatically saved in the Downloads folder.

Downloads folder opening slowly?

If you have been running Windows 10 as your primary operating system for the last couple of months, you likely have hundreds of files and programs in the Downloads folder. And if you have hundreds of items, the Downloads folder on your Windows 10 likely opens up slowly or very slowly at times.

Those of you who have hundreds of files in the Downloads folder might already have observed that the folder opens up very slowly at times. The Downloads folder takes its own time, especially when you try to open up the folder after rebooting your PC or while accessing the folder after a long time.

Downloads folder opens slowly in Windows 10

Well, if the Downloads folder is loading very slowly, you can follow the given below directions to make the Downloads folder open swiftly like other folders on your PC.

Fix to slow opening of Downloads folder in Windows 10

Step 1: Open up File Explorer or This PC.

Step 2: In the navigation pane of File Explorer (Windows Explorer), right-click on the Downloads folder, and then click Properties. This will open Downloads Properties.

downloads folder opens slowly in Windows 10 step1

Step 3: Switch to the Customize tab by clicking on the same.

downloads folder opens slowly in Windows 10 step2

Step 4: Under Optimize this folder for section, select General items from the drop-down menu.

downloads folder opens slowly in Windows 10 step3

Check the box labelled Also apply this template to all subfolders.

As you can see, with default settings, Windows 10 treats the Downloads folder as pictures folder and tries to generate thumbnails for each and every file under it. In other words, by default, the Downloads folder is optimized for pictures not for other file types.

Step 5: Click Apply button. That’s it!

Restart your PC or restart Windows Explorer once.

On top of that, if you’re still have a feel that the Downloads folder is not opening instantly, change the View to Details. To do so, when you are at the Downloads folder simultaneously press Ctrl, Shift and 6 keys (Ctrl + Shift + 6). Alternatively, you can also click on the Details icon located at the bottom right corner of the window.



  1. Ernesto Moore says

    I think windows sucks. Its the biggest deception since the devil convinced the world he didn’t exist. Why are they giving it away? It is an inferior product with many bugs. Just logging onto the net it starts collecting cookies from advertisers. Just installed it and never open IE or what ever it is called and just ran super spyware program and had 235 trackers such as onclick and many, many others. They put to much together and tried to make it easier, simpler and created a mess. Hell you will take the next year trying to figure out how it operates. Simple thing like installing old programs and some new one you downloader errors such MSI loader missing. I have three new laptop machines with windows ten they are all different. Just updated my Samsung by accident and tried to go back and it did go half way back and when it tried to run up dates for 8.1, it installed windows 10 again. Two times it has done this. I am just going to get the disk from Samsung and roll it all the way back after I get a files backup. Last windows machine I am buying. Psunx is the way to go. KISS Microsoft you fail to remember this in an effort to get the market share back. Businesses will not want this and as a IT person and talking with others its going to be a hard sell. Putting it out and asking the public/end user to fix it just what 3.1 did for those that are older enough to remember that roll out. It is 2016.

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