Fix: Internet Explorer Metro Tile Missing From Start Screen In Windows 8

Windows 8 ships with Internet Explorer (IE) in two flavors – Metro (aka Windows 8 style) and desktop. While the Metro-style Internet Explorer v10 is designed for tablets and touch screens (for x86, x64, and ARM processors), the other version works great on desktops and notebooks (for x86 and x64 processors).

A large percentage of Windows users prefer using Google Chrome as their default web browser. When you install the newest version of Chrome browser on Windows 8, it also installs the Metro-style browser, and Chrome Metro tile appears on the Start screen (desktop version can be launched from the shortcut placed on the desktop or taskbar).

Internet Explorer Metro Tile MIssing From Start Screen4

But the catch is that when you set your Google Chrome as your default browser, Metro-version of Internet Explorer tile disappears from the Start screen, the desktop version takes its place, and one can’t launch the IE Metro from the Start screen search as well.

So, if you have set Google Chrome as your default browser and want to use Windows 8’s Internet Explorer as well, you have no choice but to set back Internet Explorer as your default web browser. Complete the given below instructions to set IE as your default web browser and get back the Internet Explorer tile on the Start screen.

Step 1: Switch to Start screen, type Default Programs and then press enter to open Default Programs window. To launch the same from Control Panel (see how to open Control Panel), open Control Panel, click Programs and then click Default Programs.

Internet Explorer Metro Tile MIssing From Start Screen

Step 2: Here, click Set your default programs to open Set default programs window. Here, you can set a program as your default for all file types and protocols it can open.

Internet Explorer Metro Tile MIssing From Start Screen2

Step 3: In the left pane, locate the entry named Internet Explorer and click on it to see Set this program as default option on the right-hand side. Click Set this program as default and then click Ok button. You are done!

Internet Explorer Metro Tile MIssing From Start Screen3

Metro Internet Explorer tile should now appear on your Start screen. Note that from now onwards, Internet Explorer is your default web browser and all links will be opened in IE.

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