How To Fix “Windows Resource Protection Could Not Start The Repair Service” Error In Windows 7

Recently we covered how to repair Windows 7 system files using the “sfc” command. One of our readers has been receiving “Windows Resource Protection Could Not Start the Repair Service” error when trying to perform the above action.

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If you too have been getting the same error message, here is the fix for it. The issue behind the error is that Windows Modules Installer service has been disabled on your system. You just need to enable it!

fix for error

To enable it:

1. Type Services in Start menu search box and hit enter to launch Services window.


2. Locate the service named Windows Modules Installer and Double-click on the same.

Services in windows 7

3. Change the Startup type to Manual.

Enable Windows Modules Installer Service

4. Click Ok to apply the change. You are done!

5. Now follow the how to repair system files in Windows 7 guide to fix your system files.



  1. Brett says

    My module is already on Manual. I disabled it and reset it to manual, but the sfc /scannow still doesn’t work (on administrator). Sorry but this fix does not work for all problems.

  2. Ian says

    I am receiving this message when I try to run the sfc to repair windows. “Windows Resource Protection Could Not Perform the requested operation”.

  3. Margot says

    this doesnt work for me as I cant get to the start button – I’m in system restore and the dos prompt using Windows Vista and the erroe Windows Resource Protection could not start the reapir – same as Jeff

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