How To Change Number Of Recent Items To Display In Windows 7 Jump Lists

We have already covered two guides related to Windows 7 Jump Lists feature: how to enable/disable Jump Lists in Windows 7, how to enable Jump Lists for Firefox in Windows 7.

Jump Lists

If you are new to Windows 7, Jump Lists are lists of recent items, such as files, folders, or websites, organized by the program that you use to open them. In addition to being able to open recent items using a Jump List, you can also pin your favorite program to Jump Lists, so that you can quickly get to the items that you use every day.

By default, you can view only 10 recent items in Jump Lists. Once you get used to Jump Lists you always try to launch files and folders from Jump Lists only. So, to make the most out of Jump Lists, you need to increase the number of recent items in Jump Lists. To increase/decrease the number of items to display in Jump Lists, follow the steps given below:

1. Right-click on Windows 7 Taskbar and select Properties to open Taskbar and Start Menu Properties.

2. Switch to Start Menu tab, & click on the Customize button.

Taskbar & Startmenu properties

3. In the Customize Start Menu dialog box, change the number next to Number of recent items to display in Jump Lists to 12 or 15.

Customize Start Menu

4 Click Ok and exit the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties.

5. That’s all.



  1. jpanda206 says

    to change the max value of jumplists, you want to do this:


    change the decimal value of Max entries to whatever you like(default is 17)

  2. RB says

    I have followed the steps you have here to change my default Number of jump list items on Windows 7, however for some reason I am only able to capture the same max (default) number of recent jump list items over time.

    Is there a registry (override) control that is causing the start menu recent items jump list number that is enterd to be ignored?

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