How To Deactivate Your Office 365 Installation

There could be a couple of reasons why you want to deactivate your Office 365 installation. May be you want perform a fresh install Windows and Office on a new Solid State Drive, or maybe you want to move your Office 365 to another computer activate it there. Or it could be that you have run out of Office 365 installs.

Luckily, deactivating Office 365 installation is fairly easy. You can deactivate your Office 2016 or Office 2013 installed as part of Office 365 subscription with ease.

Office 2016

If you want to deactivate and transfer an installation of Office 365 from one PC to another PC, simply follow the given below directions to deactivate your Office 365 installation.

Please note that deactivating Office 365 will not automatically uninstall it from the PC. You need to manually uninstall it if you want to get rid of it. However, it’s not necessary to uninstall Office 365 from your PC to complete the deactivation.

You will be able to open files with Office 365 applications even after deactivating it but you won’t be able to edit files. The Office 365 will continue to work in read-only mode.

Deactivate Office 365 installation

This method is applicable to Office 365 Home and Personal editions.

Step 1: Visit this page of Office, and sign-in to your Office account using the email ID that you used to subscribe to Office 365.

Step 2: After signing-in to your account, under Install section, click Install button to open the install page.

Deactivate Office 365 install

Step 3: Under Install Information section, you can see all the installed and activated copies of Office 365. Click Deactivate install link appearing next to the PC name on which the Office 365 is installed that you would like to deactivate.

deactivate Office 365 installation

Step 4: When you see the following confirmation dialog, click Deactivate button again to deactivate the Office 365 copy installed on the selected PC.

deactivate Office 365 installation pic2

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