How To Easily Repair Windows 7 Boot Problems Using Startup Repair

Repairing an unbootable Windows 7 can be a difficult task as you can’t use Windows tools or third-party tools like Easy BCD to repair Windows startup.

Windows 7 new logo

In most of the cases, troubleshooting Windows 7 startup is very simple if you know a few Windows troubleshooting tools. XP users will be surprised to see that the GUI based Windows Recovery Environment.


Windows 7 automatically installs the Startup Repair tool onto the operating system partition, so you will always have access to it. After an unsuccessful boot, Windows 7 automatically loads Startup repair, which scans your PC for issues, automatically repairs when possible, and then reboots as normal.


If your Windows 7 is not booting, you can follow the instructions given below to fix the problem. But before proceeding make sure that all system hardware is working fine.

1. Turn on your PC, insert the Windows 7 installation DVD and then reboot your machine. If you have created bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive, insert it to start the process.

press any key to boot from cd or dvd

2. Press any key when prompted to do so. Once you press any key, you will see Windows is loading files.

Windows is loading files

3. Once you see Install Windows screen, select your language, keyboard or input panel, and time format and finally click Next button to proceed to the next step.

install windows

4. In the following screen, you will see Install now button along with repair your computer option at the bottom of the screen. Click Repair your computer option to see System Recovery options box.

repair your computer

5. Select your operating system also select Use recovery tools that can help fix problems.

system recovery options 

6. Under System Recovery options, you will see tools such as Startup Repair, System Restore, Windows Complete PC Restore, Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, and Command Prompt.

system recovery tools

How to use these tools:

Startup Repair- This option allows you fix missing or damaged system files that might prevent Windows from starting correctly. In most of the cases, you will be able to boot Windows 7 with this option. Startup Repair will check your system for problems, and if found Startup Repair will fix them automatically. Your computer might restart several times during this process.

startup repair in action

System Restore- You can use this feature to restore your Windows 7 to an earlier state. Note that you can use this feature only if you haven’t disabled System Restore. System Restore uses restore points to return your system files and settings to an earlier point in time without affecting personal files.


System Image Recovery- As you may know, Windows 7 lets you restore your computer using a system image backup that you created earlier. If you would like to restore your computer using system image backup (if you have created one), use this feature.

system image backup option

Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool- Scans your computer’s memory for errors. It might take several minutes for the tool to finish checking your computer’s memory.

memory diagnostics

Command Prompt- Advanced users can use Command Prompt to perform recovery-related operations and also run other command line tools for diagnosing and troubleshooting problems. Here is list of helpful commands that help you fix boot problems:

BootRec /ScanOS
BootRec /RebuildBcd
BootRec /FixBoot
BootRec /FixMbr



  1. ramil abraham says

    how can i do that if i dont have cd ROM ? please help
    ill tried to boot windows 7 over USB flash drive but
    kernel is missing
    how can i solve this problem
    anyone please help

  2. alan says

    when I turn on my laptop it goes straight to a black screen,i press f8 and nothing happens,any solutions please,i have tried my recovery discs and nothing

  3. navin says

    i have problem with system boot up files <due to power problem and unexpected system shutdown ,crashed my windows files ,my system is not able to start
    the problem by known knowledge ,boot up files are lost or damaged
    and main problem now i cant install new operating system
    in my computer
    please help with some answer
    my email id

  4. admin says

    @ XavierAvant
    You may need to wait for a while to see the screen. It’s also possible that your media isn’t working!

  5. XavierAvant says

    When I get to the part that ask for a language and it says ‘US’ and i click next, the screen following that doesnt show up. it doesnt shut down it just has that windows background with the arrow on the screen, what’s wrong and what should i do.

  6. Quaybee says

    tanx alot,it worked like magic for me.i had a huge windows error on my laptop & it would’nt boot.the commands did me good.

  7. Jami says

    I don’t have the disk that came with it, we have moved 2 times since I bought it,,how can I continue without the disk?

  8. alison says

    Status: 0xc0000098
    Info: Windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing, or corrupt tried booting into safe mode andi get a screen with thw words safe mode in every corner and top middle microsoft(R) window(R)(build 7600)

  9. Trey says

    My drive is visible in BIOS but when I start up my computer it says, “Error loading Operating System.” So, I used my Windows 7 disc as a boot option but when I choose the option to repair my computer my operating system is not showing. How can I fix it if it is not showing? I am also not able to go into safe made. I’ve tried every function key but nothing outside of F2(Setup) or F12(Settings) seems to work. Please help. This computer has been working great for me and all of a sudden it’s doing this.

  10. Samba says

    i also have the sameprblem

    This is so frustrating. My laptop is failing to boot Windows 7, but automatically goes to Startup Repair, which starts “checking my system for problems”.

    It doesn’t give any time span or indication of how long it will take. I’m currently stuck at:
    “Attempting repairs…
    Repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete.”

    Been at this stage for about two hours. How do I know it’s not going to be like this all day and night?
    Repir took more than 14hr & no result. hence i have followed the safemode but no use agin it was gone startup repair without result

    Also tried repair system & cmd promt bootfix using win7 dvd eventhough no result.

    pl suggest me the best process to resolve this issue because i havet taken my key data from my vaio laptop

  11. paul says

    FYI – I actually had to select F12 (Boot Options) to get it to boot from the CD. Not sure if anyone else had that problem.

  12. nandalal says

    my laptop sony windows 7 home just start and come blue screen, then not on the windows pls help

  13. Fred says

    Hi Sir, i would like to ask for help. My windows 7 crashed. I tried to restart my computer but it will hang up. The screen display ” American Trends ….. then when it reches Auto detecting 3rd Master, it will hang up. Please advise on what to do with these…

    thank you…

  14. Fred says

    Dear sir,
    My problem occurred recently after multiple Windows 7 64bit (SP1)updates. when i startup, it only has the background showing. nothing happens & Windows doesn’t appear. Options wont show up. it just shows my mouse and the backrgound image, no icons, no Start option box. I’ve tried system recovery, but no change.
    PLEASE HELP ME! Please reply via email. Thanks!

  15. Gabe says

    Please I need help! My problem is that when I launch Startup Repair a grey option box appears with language, keyboard select. The box is not blue like the screenshot shown for step 3. I’m stuck with no cursor since the cursor doesn’t move nor respond. So I use the “tab key” to move around an select my language etc.; After all that I click “enter”…… and nothing happens. All that is visible is a blue windows backround with the cursor just stuck there. Please help me, I’m in very need for my labtop to work. Please reply via E-mail or here if more convenient. Thank you in advance.

  16. Seth says

    Go into command prompt and type chkdsk after that restart the computer and press F8 till you get a screen that has many different boot opptions. Boot into safe mode with networking…Google and install Malware bytes and run a virus scan.

  17. Dave says

    The above comment was with wrong email….I have a gateway nv52 with windows 7…Got a virus so I decided to recover it back to factory by choosing the recovery prompt…I’ve been successful once before but this time it did not work…It went through the process all the way up to the point to preparing desktop and then it crashes. I get to the point of putting in password, it says welcome and then says preparing desktop for a few seconds and then crashes. I can get to safe mode and command prompt. Any suggestions?

  18. Elly says

    Hello I tried using my windows 7 installation disk to repair my laptop but i keep getting this error.

    Status: 0xc0000098
    Info: Windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing, or corrupt.

    P.S: I cannot get onto my desktop on my laptop

  19. Mun says

    Somethings I want to ask…without CD can solve the problem??? Look at my cases,when I open the window then going to WINDOW ERROR RECOVERY with 2 options (Launch startup repair(recommanded) and (Start windows normally).
    After that I press Launch startup repair (recommanded)and turn out STARTUP REPAIR and I wwait until finish the process I press RESTART and starting up with Window cooperation without LOGO and turn out Black Screen with Mouse controller…WTF?
    I hope u guys can give me some advice and now I’m getting blame by this problem.

  20. booman61 says

    This is so frustrating. My laptop is failing to boot Windows 7, but automatically goes to Startup Repair, which starts “checking my system for problems”.

    It doesn’t give any time span or indication of how long it will take. I’m currently stuck at:
    “Attempting repairs…
    Repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete.”

    Been at this stage for about two hours. How do I know it’s not going to be like this all day and night?

  21. Juliustoys says

    my problem is when i launch startup repair it only has the background in it. nothing happens the box thingy with the options wont show up. it just shows my mouse and the backrgound image of the startup no option box.
    PLEASE HELP ME! i just used the laptop work fine yesterday now its having major problems T_T i am sure the i did nothing to the laptop. please reply via email or just here.

  22. charlene says

    if i use the command promt and put scan OS wat will that do?
    i dont wanna lose my important pictures, is there anyway i can connect maybe my comp to another and transfer files even thou it doesnt want to boot??

  23. admin says

    Strange as you are using the same bootable Windows 7 DVD that you have used before. Try to install Windows 7 from XP. That is, boot into your XP, format a partition to install Windows 7, insert Windows 7 DVD, and start installation. Should work fine.

  24. mac tamayo says

    i’m having problem installing windows 7 in my computer. i was using windows 7 before. i installed it and it worked properly for about a year. but last week. i tried to dual boot my computer. i want to make an xp and windows 7 OS. so i tried to make a partition in my HDD. but when i was about to install my windows 7, nothing happens. i’ve changed the boot priority, inserted the windows 7 DVD and restarted my unit. then a cursor appears, but then theres nothing. the “press any key to boot from CD or DVD.” doesn’t appear. please help me.

  25. Andrei Isayeu says

    I had a startup problem in my vista computer. And as soon as i did that, i got so many problems in my computer such as firewall won’t start, i can’t view the web, and some services in administrative tools won’t start because i receive an error 5 that says denied, and something like that so i will do recovery.

  26. Peter says

    I had dual boot with Grub (Linux) installed. After I did some reconfiguration I wasn’t able to boot into windows. I used Command prompt to check and fix boot and I did it. Now I’m using two separate disks…Vista and 7 on first and Ububtu on second hard drive. Everithing working fine now. This tutorial was very helpfull to me.

  27. lakshminarayanan says

    dear sir , first install w7
    2nd time install W7
    By proceger w7 local disk d
    which proceger format D ? for laptop

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