How To Enable Hibernate In Windows 8

It’s a well known fact that Windows 8 boots significantly faster than earlier versions of Windows, including Windows 7. So, in Windows 8, you can opt for the shut down option instead of hibernation. But what if you would like to save applications and documents state using the hibernation feature?

Enable Hibernate In Windows 7

If you are new to hibernation feature, it’s a power saving state where Windows saves the system state and memory contents to a file on disk (hiberfil.sys), then reads that file back on system resume to restore the contents to memory. Off all the power-saving states in Windows 8, hibernation uses the least amount of power.

You can enable the hibernate option in Windows 8 by following the simple procedure given below:

Step 1: Launch Power Options in Control Panel. To do this, you can follow one of the methods given below:

a. Type Windows + R keys to launch Run dialog box. In the Run dialog, type powercfg.cpl and then Enter key to launch Power Options. This is the simplest method to open Power Options in Windows 8.

Enable Hibernate In Windows 8 Step 2


b. Go to Windows 8 Start screen, click on Control Panel tile to open Metro style Control Panel. In the Metro Control Panel, browse down and then click More settings to launch the good old Control Panel. In the Control Panel go to System and Security and then Power Options.

Enable Hibernate In Windows 8 Step 9

Enable Hibernate In Windows 8 Step 7

Step 2: In the left pane of Power Options window, click on Choose what the power buttons do to open System Settings.

Enable Hibernate In Windows 8 Step 3

Step 3: Under System Settings, click on Change settings that are currently unavailable to see settings to enable Sleep, Hibernate and Lock options. Check the box named Show Hibernate and click Save Changes button.

Enable Hibernate In Windows 8 Step 5

Enable Hibernate In Windows 8 Step 6

Step 4: Open Power Options menu to see Hibernate option. Good luck!

Enable Hibernate In Windows 7

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  1. admin says

    Try executing “Powercfg /hibernate on” (without quote) in the elevated Command Prompt (Command Prompt as administrator).

  2. Mike says

    I am using windows 8.1 Dell Venue 8 and do not have the choice of hibernate after I click on ‘change settings that are currently unavailable’

  3. Adrian Banas says

    While all the functionality is all there from Windows 7, it is a bit hard to find it sometimes. Still Windows 8 is pretty cool and more advanced then a lot of people are giving it credit.

  4. Mark says

    Not correct. This option shows on laptop computers only, to enable Hibernate on PC there’s another way.

  5. Hector Macias Ayala says

    Ok, but then it means if I install it for real, I would get that option, right?

  6. User says

    “Hibernate” option is not available for operating systems installed on VHD, which is my case!
    Sorry for the inconvenience, Thanks!

  7. User says

    “Show Hibernate” is not available in “POwer options settings” in my 32-bit version of windows 8 dev preview! Is there another way?

  8. Robin @ Windows 8 says

    Interesting to see you have started to cover maximum titles of windows 8… have to bookmark your weblog to read when i started using windows 8. :) Cheers.


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