How To Enable Touch Screen Support In Google Chrome

Windows 8 has been designed for both PCs and tablets. The all new Metro style interface is specially built for multi-touch displays. The Metro style Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) included in Windows 8 provides fast and fluid touch-first browsing experience.

The Metro IE10 is ideal for users running Windows 8 on tablets or PCs with multi-touch displays. It includes touch-friendly controls for common navigation tasks and you can also pan, zoom, and navigate naturally. But unlike IE, other browsers such as the Google Chrome doesn’t offer much for multi-touch displays.

After Internet Explorer and Firefox, Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser. Even though Google Chrome supports Windows 8, it’s not built for multi-touch displays. Unlike Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, Chrome doesn’t have native support for touch. Google is yet to optimize the browser for Windows 8 and multi-touch displays. It even doesn’t support the basic gestures.

Users who have been using Chrome on a tablet or multi-touch display will know that users have to use the scrollbars to navigate through web pages. In Internet Explorer and Firefox, you just need to touch the screen and then slide the finger up or down to scroll through the web page. If you are a Google Chrome lover want to optimize the browser for touch screen displays, you should try out ChromeTouch extension.

Add Multi-Touch Support To Google Chrome

Add Multi-Touch Support To Google Chrome Picture1

ChromeTouch is a handy extension that turns the Chrome browser into a touch-optimized web browser. ChromeTouch lets you navigate through web pages without the help of scrollbars and it even offers option to hide the scrollbar completely.

You can change drag speed, sliding distance and sliding factor, and drag direction settings. Visit this page to download and install ChromeTouch. Once installed, a small red button will sit next to bookmark this page button. Right-click on this ChromeTouch button to access basic and advanced settings of the extension.

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All-in-all, a fantastic extension for Google Chrome browser. Don’t forget to check out our download touch-friendly games for Windows 8 article.


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