How To Make The Start Screen Transparent In Windows 8.1

The updated Start screen in Windows 8.1 can be customized in many ways with and without the help of third-party software. Even though Windows 8.1 doesn’t automatically add shortcuts of installed programs to the Start screen by default, you can pin your favourite programs and apps to the Start screen, add your own custom tiles with custom icons, set a tile size to small, medium, large or extra-large, set a custom picture as Start screen background image, set a video file as Start screen background, or you can even group tiles and then name those groups.

Make Start screen transparent in Windows 8.1 picture1

A lot of users who have already customized the Start screen by pinning and grouping tiles might want to change the transparency level of tiles and Start screen. As you should know by now, there is no option present under Start screen personalization to change the default opacity level of Start screen and tiles on the Start screen.

Users who would like to change the opacity level of Start screen and tiles on the Start screen have no option but to use a third-party tool named Start Screen Customizer.

Start Screen Customizer, a free software that we had reviewed about two months ago, is designed to enable you set a custom picture as Start screen background in Windows 8.1. The tool also lets you set a video file or animated wallpaper as Start screen background. An option is available to adjust the opacity level of Start screen and tiles on the Start screen as well.

Make Start screen transparent in Windows 8.1

Here is how to adjust the Start screen and tiles opacity in Windows 8.1 using Start Screen Customizer software.

Step 1: Download Start Screen Customizer software installer from here and then double-click on it to begin installing the software. Once the software is installed on your PC, run it.

NOTE: We have provided Softpedia download link, as when you download the software from the original server, it offers you install some adware.

Step 2: Once launched, click on the small Opacity button (see picture) to see options to change Start screen and tiles opacity.

Make Start screen transparent

Step 3: Move the slider to the left or right to alter the default opacity level. Note that you don’t need to and you don’t have to click the Apply & save button. Once done, simply close Start Screen Customizer. The default opacity value is 255.

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    Malware – Comments of the admin and a user in one of the links above state that this application has malware.

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