How To Recover Or Reset Password

The number of passwords we modern users to remember is growing every day. Securing your email account with a strong, unique password is always a good idea, right up until the point where you forget the password. So, it’s always recommended to save your passwords in your browser with a master password or use a password manager such as LastPass.


At times, even the best of us forget passwords. Thankfully, most services out there allow resetting the forgotten password. If you are an user and have forgotten your password, complete the below mentioned instructions to reset your account password.


Please note that the below method works for users who had provided phone number or alternate email address during the sign up.


Step 1: Visit this official page, select I forgot my password option and then click Reset your password option that appears just below I forgot my password. This will take your to the reset your password page.

Recover Password

Step 2: Here, type in your email address and then enter the characters shown in the picture and click Next button.

Recover Password Step2

Step 3: You will see two password reset options: Email me a rest link and Send a code to my phone. Select the first option if you want to receive password reset link to the alternate email address that you provided during the sign up.

Recover Password Step3

Select Email me a rest link option and then click Next button to receive password reset link to your alternate email address.


And select the later option (Send a code to my phone) and then click Send code button if you have associated your phone number with your account. When you select the second option, you will receive Microsoft account password reset code to your phone.

Recover Password Step5

Step 4: (Skip to Step 5 if you have chosen Send a code to my phone option) Sign in to your alternate email address to see account password reset email from Microsoft account team. Clicking on the reset link will take you to Reset your password where you need enter your new password, reenter the password to confirm and finally click Next button. You are done!

Recover Password Step4

Step 5: Enter the password reset code that you have received in the Enter your code box and then click Submit button to see Reset your password page. Enter your new password and also reenter the password and finally click Next button. You are done!


Once password reset is done, you will be taken to a page where you can add or update your phone number, alternate email address, and the security question. Microsoft uses these info to keep your account more secure and help you recover or reset your password.



  1. Caroline Graham says

    I have an email account and several aliases, however, I want to use the MS Outlook interface (using 2007), but even using the settings that tells me, once I set up the email account, i keep getting a pop up box asking me for the password for the username I am using. Is this password the same that I use to sign into my mail account?

  2. Cheri Newman says

    All above comments, I concur–and more! For weeks, I’ve been trying to get my password working since I know or rather knew my password. Even before I got locked out for 30 days for trying too many times to get my known password to login, I’d get messages stating I entered an incorrect password when I never did nor did I change any setting. It just suddenly stopped accepting it. That’s when the nightmare of going through the “forgot password steps” began. I already know I have lost two jobs worth $1,000 as a result, and I fight for every penny I make! Like someone mentioned, I am a patient person and as a result, managed to speak with Microsoft three times and got three different answers, from we’ll have it fixed in hours to the last of 30 days. How much work will I have lost by then in conjunction of what I am currently losing daily? I told them this and still get the run-around, still am told to go through the reset password process again as I have done countless times and still an told I would receive a code in another email account. NOTHING happened! If no one will answer us about the password lock-outs, perhaps someone can answer me this: Who do I contact to sue Microsoft/Outlook/Google (which took over) for lost income?

  3. Tom says

    Unable to login. Tried so many time. Enter the character you see, don’t work. No advice what is wrong?

  4. Greg Northover says

    I have exactly the same problem as Ross Hill and this is not the first time its happen to me. Getting help to sort this from microsft can be really frustrating. It took 3 weeks of trying and even when I did finally get someone from Microsoft I had to go through process again only to find it still wasnt working and getting in touch with anyone is a painful process….

    Now I find myself back in this same situation…. pissed off. I have change and reset my password so many times I am running out of passwords that I could remember. I am forced to write it down everywhere I logged on so I dont forget… but still it doesnt work – is there any one out there that has found a solution to this very frustrating problem…

  5. Russell Smith says

    Above method is suggested for web based email.

    Can anyone tell me about procedure to re-set PST password in Outlook 2010 email client?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. robert cronin says

    I now use yahoo. MS Outlook sucks. I forgot my password, got the code from MS on my phone, put it in, entered my new password … and it won’t accept it. Gates and Balmer should be taken out and forced to sit in front of a computer and do this until hell freezes over.

  7. Laura macintyre says

    I have tried to get into my account I no longer use the email address that’s linked & I have changed my number but cannot remember my password seriously need 2 get to speak to someone about this as many ppl feel the same x

  8. Laura Visser says

    I can’t get in to my mail I remember my password ,, how do I get new password and still use my,, i use this e-mail for my job search and friends emailing me as well.. help me out

  9. Brian says

    Outlook won’t send me a password reset code. I’ve been trying for hours and it’s really irritating. Can someone please help me.

  10. Elizabeth says

    Outlook email password reset code DOES NOT send a code!!!!!

  11. cheryl says

    I cant get into my Hotmail on and I used your methods to reset my password ten times and it wont accept any codes that’s sent to me.Is there a phone number I can speak with someone personally to resolve this issue?

  12. Ross Hill says

    I have just spent 2 hrs trying to get into my and I keep getting incorrect password. Eventually it says entered password to many times and to follow the following: Enter password and the following characters.
    I have done this and it returns with a new set of characters and I start again. I am a patient person, but what the FUCK is going on and how do I open my account

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